Monday, October 31, 2011

Can't believe I was away for so long...

Hello peeps, I am so glad and happy that I am slowly getting myself back at my craft table. Do tell you the truth, after a month or more that I totally hands off in hands and my inspirations goes down to zero. It takes me a while to gain backs my spirit and mojo. I hope I can hang in there because I just took on a job for myself. It’s a challenging one, which is to design and coordinate my own home by end of this year. As much as I want to move in soon, there are many things that I have to consider in before the renovations start to take place.  It is always very easy to design for someone but for own selves, it will be a tough one. Well, it's a long story and I don't think I want to bore many of you...when it comes to the final stage and when it is completed. I think that is what everyone's wanting to see...right! Then you have to stay with me... and be patient with me (lol) I sincerely hope I can work simultaneously at this point of time (keeping my fingers crossed)

Since, I have missed last month SC Kit posting and I am scrapping this month Field Guide. Here is my first 8.5 x11 inch layout, which I scrap in on a piece of Kraft paper bag that I got it in Perennial add-on kit. The stamp in Perennial kit is just gorgeous. Loving it very much and the washi tape too!

The layout continue behind of the page,

Those birds stamp (in Meadow Lark Add-on Kit) are so CUTE and the chipboard butterfly too. I am so please with the outcome of this layout and the best thing of all. I had captured many beautiful pictures during the trip. I have to admit that I was pretty sad when my son fall sick in Boston and spoilt my plan of taking another set of photo session with him in Boston. Well, I guess I have to do it in one of the park here :)