Monday, March 30, 2009

Some of my favourite shots. . .

I have learned something new from April & Tina. Thank you for the tutorial and self guide. You guys are the best.

Do you like vintage stuff? I saw this metal drainer when I was walking around in Bangkok side street market. Love it! I did not manage to get it but managed to snap a shot of it. Hope you like the new effect that I have just self-taught myself.

Last weekend was a busy & lazy day. On Sat evening, things go pretty well at my parents' house party. The party turned out to be fun and so does the earth hour. We are pleased that we managed turn off all the lights and we still continued on with a romantic candle light that lasted us an hour.

Here are some fashions I {heart}. You can get load of it in "Platinum" mall. Love the malls in Bangkok. Would love to visit Bangkok again!!

Thanks for viewing.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

earth hour

A little reminder for those who has lost track on updates & news. This coming 28th March is OUR 'Earth Hour'. Although this is the very first year that Malaysia is participating. For those are reading this blog or for those who are Malaysian, please please do your part. Do you know, just YOU can make a difference to the world!

28 MARCH 2009
local time @Malaysia: 8:30PM - 9:30PM

Let's do it! and support our WORLD!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

dh on his way home

I was back on Sat, 21st from Bangkok and the very next day dh have to fly to Ho Chin Minh for some conference meeting with some clients from Kuching, Sarawak. It was kind of quiet to be alone at home, but I can get use to it. I have more time for myself to serve online and watch my fav TV program.

Today, he will be home. He just sent me a message that he got me some Vietnamese coffee & famous Vietnamese baguette too. Oooo...can't wait till hubby arrive home.

Oh, I really would love to share with you my Bangkok trip. I promise! I will upload the pictures these two days and get it edited. Hopefully you can get to view it by end of this week. It was an awesome and fast trip. It is a real tiring trip because me and sis M just wouldn't allow ourselves to rest too much. We walk, shop, enjoying the local delicacy and taking pictures (not too exciting pictures but there is something to share). Very fun experience indeed.

Just would love to share with you some pictures taken from my phone :). I know it is not that fantastic shots but me & sis M are amazed with the coffee. We never thought of getting such a good coffee in a market like this. The market below is named "chatujak" or "jatujak" market. It is a super huge land for a "market". You can never guess how big is this land...I was told the land size is 16 acres. I was shocked when I hear 16 acres...OMG!!. When I look at the map, it actually covering 3 MRT stations...LOL. Cool huh... In 1-day, you can never finish this market :p

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Off to Bangkok...

I kind of miss my computer and the internet so sound like a cyber girl!! But I am sure it will be fabulous to escape KL for a while. I haven't been to Bangkok but people has already been feeding me with information that is very hot & stuffy there, and very crowded city. Oohhh, the attraction in Bangkok beside getting very cheap & neat stuff. The foods there are fantastic!! I like Thai cuisine because it has a nice flavor, spicy and sweet & sour. I hope I will get some nice shots with my SLR. Good time to practice too...:p

I will miss my scrapping and of course my March kits parcel. I hope mr. postman will not run away with it because I know it will be arriving any time from tomorrow and I hope my brother will pick it up for me.

Below was my scrapping place. It is pretty untidy when I am at work. Next week will show you the make over :)

Good night*ZzzZzzzz

Friday, March 13, 2009

A busy week

This week was a busy week for me. I hardly even feel the week just past. Time flies and tomorrow is 14th again. So great to hear that the weekend is here and SC sneak preview is tomorrow!!

Since I work so hard this week, maybe I will give myself some breathing space next week. Wow...what a good excuse for me myself!! Well, I am treating myself to Bangkok for a short trip. I guess I will be taking this opportunity to have a good spa and shop, shop, shop & eat, eat, eat...hee hee. I will keep you posted on some fabulous shots :) but I will be away for a couple of days.

I guess this whole week was a busy and lazy day for me. Just want to laze around and watch my fav program. Well, I am keeping my blog short and heading to bed soon. Dang, tomorrow gotta work thou...but only for a couple of hours.

Have a good weekend if you do not see my post tomorrow...;)
Another scrap work...(I think I did it last year 08)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday a day to CHILL. I am now listening to my favorite song 'I'm Yours', Jason Mraz and doing my scrap. It is such a beautiful Sunday to have a nice breakfast and a nice cup of coffee. Hmmm...loving it!!

Confession... when I am still young, I used to dislike Sunday because I know the very next day I gotta wake up early to school. But I guess when I grow older, many things have changed even my own perception. Perhaps I have grown older now.

I will not take so much of my time to hog on my computer. I have with me my cute & adorable 'Snowy'. Excuse me, is a HE. He has been with me for almost 12 years. I am so glad that Snowy is still so energetic and smart & playful. I love him so much!! He is my boy!

Hope you enjoy this...

Have a great Sunday. Cheers!!

Friday, March 6, 2009


Anyone care for a cup of Nespresso?
On my wedding last year, I actually received a wonderful gift from my sisters. They have known me too well that I am a coffee drinker. I use to love making coffee using the traditional machine. But after a while it takes too much of a time and too much hassle to make a cup of coffee especially when you on a rush. After having nespresso at home, it was way too easy. I love it because it shorten my preparation time and you have a wide selection of blend to choose from! Love it! love it! love it!!

If anyone of you have nespresso at home, I am sure you are enjoying it every morning / tea time. Just like me :)

What is your favorite blends?

Vivalto is an intense Lungo which combines pleasant roasted and floral notes.
Its crema is notable for its smooth texture. Equally delicious prepared with milk.

Strength: 6
Ideal tasting :
Lungo cup
(110 ml)

With its sweetness and its woody notes, Roma is the ideal coffee for a short espresso which is not too strong.

Strength: 8
Ideal tasting :

1/2 Espresso cup
(25 ml)
Espresso cup
(40 ml)

Arpeggio is a Mediterranean blend par excellence with a strong character, intense body and long, exquisite after-taste. Its thick, smooth crema remains to the last sip.

Strength: 9
Ideal tasting :

1/2 Espresso cup
(25 ml)
Espresso cup
(40 ml)
Ideal for making

Those 3s are my favorite and I like that nespresso have a wide selection of the strength to choose. Share with me if you does have your favorite blend or favorite colors

My wish list for 2009:



Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kayla K @ '1-yr-old'

As promise that I will post my latest scrap. It takes me 2 days to arrange this layout. To be honest that I have a slight difficulty in doing this layout because I have not been doing my scrap ever since after my wedding...hee hee.
However, I make it through because scrapping is 'all about creativity'. Well, I really got stuck after printing all the photos out. Maybe I was just being too greedy that I want to use all the 'cute' pictures about Kayla. You have to agree with me that I must use it all

I enjoy so much doing this piece because it gave me the 'energy' that I want to do more. The past few days I have been trying to dig more of my older photos. So that I can start scrapping back my past. I hope you all enjoy on this piece. Does lil Kayla looks so cute & adorable!?

Btw, the pictures taken when she was 7.5 months and beside her is her daddy. If times permit I would like continue on...but I gotta rush. Thanks for dropping by.

Have a nice day and thank god tomorrow is Friday! Yay!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Today is just another ordinary day for me. I woke up in the morning, do my normal routine and get changed. Just on my way out I'll use my dh 'Starbuck' coffee cup and make myself a take-away Nespresso. Without my first cup of coffee, I won't call my day a perfect day. First stop to work is not back to office, it was at client's site. Well, as usual spending 2 hours session with my client on site. It is a usual thing for me, don't be surprise, finally I get to sit in my office after the 2 hour session and guess what? I realize it was time for lunch...(lol).

Today lunch was "Japanese set lunch". I have been graving for a week on jap food. Well, we have ordered 3 sets of lunch box to share among. We ordered a set of Unagi with rice, Tempura with sashimi and soba soup with sushi. It was all yummy and good, satisfying!

Another few hour of work, then I realize it was about 6pm. Well, it is time to go off work. When I reached home, I head straight to get myself a nice & hot shower. After shower, I feel refresh and thought of doing some scrapping. I realize I forgot to do something. I forgotten to check whether my Feb Kits has arrived from Studio Calico. I made a call to my mom and check with her. Well, there is no hope at all. My mom told me "No parcel for you today". Well, it was already not a happy day for me and yet I still haven't receive my parcel yet. Later that evening, just trying to concentrate to do some scrapping but no chance of it. Feeling tired too!

Hope tomorrow morning when I wake up it will be a brand new day for me. Before I log off, would like to share with you another project of mine. Well, not so much of the design but more like the environment of Setia Eco Park.