Friday, April 30, 2010


Friday has been a productive day.

It's been good stuff...just online purchase a new Mac Book Pro. Just as much as I like using a PC, I guess is time for me to upgrade myself. I am in love with my iPhone, I think I will even more love my Mac too!!

This morning meeting carry on smoothly. Crossing my finger very much to preach for this current job I have in hand. Monday will be another productive days with more meetings and discussions.

What's for tonight? As usual, my DH always gets home late on a Friday night! I am on my diet plan now. Feel like eating something light yet yummy! Before I am off to have my dinner, I would like to share some of this pictures that I have taken during my Japan trip. Furano & Biei, Hokkaido was one of my favorite place. Missing it every moment...Enjoy the photos!

Have a good weekend...

I love the beauty and the serenity of this place. Is so peaceful and, love, love it!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Seeing him grow...

Lucas @ 3 months
- smiling a ton, especially when you start talking to him
- sometimes cooing and giggling a lot when feeling good
- liking very much to be held rather than in any other spot
- loves seeking for attention
- towards the end of 3 months, he start turning half way back (but not yet a full roll)
- getting used of travelling in a car, every weekdays to granny house
- loves taking a bath but unfortunately still yet to try in a big pool =(
- loves surrounded with many people
- had started interacting with people

Friday, April 23, 2010

How can I be more discipline?

I think I am always a thinker but sometime, I may be a dreamer.
I love to dream about that in one day I can be able to achieve many of my things.
I love reading other blogs especially those really good in expressing themselves through everyday of their life.
I always ask myself, how can she do it and why can't I?
The question is still floating in my mind...I don't think I can have an answer to it until I really try achieving it.
I think with some motivation + determination, I should be able to do it.

After reading the above and you do not understand what am I trying to express. I don't blame you because sometime I do not understand myself as well. Sometime I am giving myself too much of an expectation and just too much excuses.

I am trying to change myself to be a better person, helpful mother, lovely wife and a respectful daughter.

I hope one day I can be able to ACCOMPLISH it! Life is just too little time to waste...

Have a good weekend...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Favorite Tamago Sushi

I would love to share one of my favorite making dishes. I am a jap food lover...I love to experience different type of Japanese style of cooking. Most of the time I love to make 'dashi-maki-tamago' because I always thought it is quite a challenging dish to make.

This recipe has been slightly alter to my style of liking. I have tried various tamago sushi recipe online or in books. I find those are a little too sweet for me.

I hope you may like it and enjoy making it. Enjoy!!


6 whole eggs (medium in size)
6-8 tbsp dashi stock
1 tsp light soy sauce
1 tsp mirin
2 tsp sugar (if you prefer slightly sweeter, can try 3 tsp)
pinch of salts

2 tbsp vegetable oil (for cooking)

1. Beat eggs in a bowl (make sure all eggs are beat well till smooth)
2. Add all mixtures and stir well
3. Heat a fry pan in medium heat *Preferably in a square or rectangular pan
4. Brush some oil into the heated pan
5. Pour a scoop of eggs mixture into the pan (make sure the mixture cover the whole surface in a thin layer)
6. Cook the egg until half done and slowly roll the egg to one side of the pan (I usually prefer to do it with a pair of wooden chopstick)
7. With the rolled egg still inside the pan, pour in a another scoop of mixture into the pan. Lift the rolled egg slightly, making sure the mixture flow in the underside of it.
8. Repeat step 6&7, the egg-roll should be thicker after 4th scoop of mixture. The tamago should be roll in the form of rectangular or in round.
9. Leave the last layer of tamago in the pan for a while and slightly brown it on the four side.
10. Before serving it, you can cut tamago into 1" thk or you can use it to make nigiri sushi!

Hope you will enjoy cooking it!