Saturday, February 28, 2009

SC reveal night...

friday 12:20am, in 10 minutes American Idol is having a replay in Astro channel 711. Before I fly to my TV, I would like to share with some blogger that who lurve scrapping and card making. Tomorrow at about 1pm (our time), Studio Calico is having their March full reveal. Log into to find out the excitement for every month.

oops...another 7min to go. Okay, I just finished scrapping my cousin's baby photos. I will try to post it tomorrow if I have the time. Meanwhile I am off to watch my AI.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

project that I'm on for about 1 1/2 years

As promise I will post my current job project. I will be super busy during this month till March. I have to hand over this house by 2 March 2009. Well, it's still look pretty undone and messy huh. Give me a couple of weeks, I should be able to snap some nice finishing shots. Meantime, just wanted to share with you what I am doing in the reality world :)

Oh! As you can see from 4th picture, there is a swimming pool situated inside the house. Cool huh! And this house is pretty open space and check out the amount of windows you can see from the last photo.

Okay...that's all for today.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

For 'Him' & 'Her' . . .

On 28th of this month, I am supposed to attend my girlfriend's wedding in Nagoya, Japan. I feel so sorry that I could not make it to her wedding. I have personally bought something for her which I think it was a meaningful gift. I actually received it from one of my girlfriend's during my wedding. And I also make both of them a "Him" & "Her" cards.

The gifts that I got them is a pair of 'Golden eggs'. These eggs are made from real eggshell and there are coated with 24k gold. Each egg have their uniqueness. As for 'HIM' I choose a XL egg and 'HER' a much smaller size.

I hope both of them will like this lil pressie.

Oops...its pass midnight. I better off to bed now, I will want to post my recent project. That will be tomorrow then!


Monday, February 23, 2009

45 minutes to make a card...

I scrap this card last Sunday in less than an hour. Well, to me I consider I am improving because I used to scrap longer than I have expected :D. The most difficult time is the 'BEGINNING'. You always mingle around with all the papers surrounding you and you just don't know which and what sort of design to achieve.

Most of the time now, I scrap without sketching at all. I just go with my instinct and just GO FOR IT! By far the outcome is still satisfying and of course would like to do something much more challenging in the future.

Thanks for viewing!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

last night...

by 7:45pm, I was all ready to go for my special dinner at Sage at The Residence in Gardens, KL. Somehow we left home slightly later then 8pm and we reached there by 8:30pm on the dot. I was a jolly girl that night and looking forward to dine in Sage. We were walking towards the entrance and discover we were on the wrong side and we asked for direction.

We were shown how to get there and we walk from this end to the other end. And finally I thought we are there, then something few strange and as I step forward to look around. I just can't see Sage around. Oh! well finally we decided to go all the way to the ground floor and asked for direction.

Well, after all this hassle we are there at 9pm and we just discovered that we are there before when I said I couldn't find Sage on our 2nd attempt. Well, I feel so dumb & annoyed after knowing it. However, I did not throw up my temper and we finally get to sit down. I feel much better after looking at the place. Sage is a 'Fine Dining Restaurant'. Design in Sage is a modern contemporary concept. Nothing spectacular that I would like to share, perhaps the only nice thing was overlooking at a long window bay. I guess it will look beautiful during the day.

Finally, after 15 min of discussion on foods. We decided to order our foods and wine. The food are awesome, I have foir gras as for my appetizer and angus beef for my main. Hubby have Wahyu carparcio and roast lamb roulette for main. The food there, I have to say is delicious!! Worth to try and is nothing too expensive. Per person it is only RM140nett with 3 courses & coffee or tea.

My DH (dear husband) & Me

Later that night, I have another surprise from my dh. He surprised me with another gift. I was so shocked and impatiently open the gift.

The moment I ripped the paper apart, I saw something written on the box "ARGRESTI". The next moment before I open up, I know it is something I wanted sometime ago. So nice of my dh to get me a jewelry box from Carat Club. So sweet!~ ^.^

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

25th Anniversary

I made this card for my aunt & uncle during their 25th anniversary marriage. Don't you think they one lovely couple. Just thought of sharing it with you all.

Btw, their anniversary was 25.12.2008

Gotta go...cheers!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

later that night . . .

I have a free valentine's dinner at Eat Workshop. I arrive at the restaurant by 7:50pm. Everything seem to be running smoothly and as usual some loving couples come in slightly later. To my surprise, people do love special gimmick. They are just overwhelmed with the little free gifts and the 'Polaroid' session!

Oh, I guess I have missed out telling you the theme for tonight was "The 70's". Everyone have to dress up to look alike like we are in the The 70's for the photo taking session. It was fun and people just loving it. I also discover something, valentines this day are just not for two people. I have seen a family come with three or four come celebrating valentines in my sis restaurant. I find it quite cool because it is nice to always share with your loves one and the kids too!


here goes the menu: (I know you may not be able to read it), we have our 1st course with grilled scallops (sorry, I miss the picture) and tomatoes soup. We have a cocktail to start with.

Our main course, for HER, we have 3 different type of grilled seafood. (A portioned of butter fish, soft shelled crab & pasta prawn). For HIM, we have 3 portions of meats (which is grilled lamb rack, chicken breast & grilled rib eye beef).

My valentines dinner ends with a delicious chocolate fondant cake and vanila ice-cream. Yummy! & delicious!!

what I do for valentines day . . .

...finally I have finished the project given by my sister. It wasn't that hard thou but given a short time, it was a competitive task. While doing the scrap-card, I discover myself that I cannot do anything look the same. I was telling myself that, "just keep it simple, and just follow along with same design". Well, as you can see none of it, are identica!!

However, I have fun making the card. It is simple to use the stamps and minimal embellishments. Oh! I have to say Ali Edwards stamps safe me from cracking my head. Without the stamps, the card would not turn out as meaningful as it can be. The words are just perfect for the card. I have to say, I love it!! Don't you?

Hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

countdown to valentines day . . .

...sis M was asking me for help on 'what to do for Valentine's Day' in her restaurant? Leaving her 4 days of notice that she have to come out a door gift for her customer. She has suggested to take Polaroid picture for every couples.

...I always have crazy idea. So, I suggested to make scrap-card out of the polaroid. Well, I guess we have not much time and choices. I am now given 3 days to complete 20s' Scrap-card for 2009 Valentine's Day.

...Its kind of exciting because it has been a while I have not been touching my kits. Too many things happening around and not much time for me to sit on my scrap room to concentrate on my scrapping. I am taking this as for my 'February projects'. I hope in this following 3 days, I can keep posting the card out.

...Off to finish my work & can start my scrapping as soon as I can.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Feb 5th 2009

Thurs, 7:50am

My grandmother has left us silently after she had bedridden for almost a year. When I hear about the news, I feel sad but at the same time I feel happy for her.For the past few months I've been seeing her and each day she is getting weaker and weaker.I feel this is the best for her. I know many may think I am cruel to say such a thing but what's more, she is already 93 years old this year. She has always been a strong person and her will power to live is so much stronger than anyone has expected. I know my mother will be missing her.

To our beloved grandmother, Mdm. Yap Yoon Kim (1916-2009) may you rest in peace and you will be always kept in our heart & memory.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

wednesday . . .

10:30am - at work

11:00am - make myself a cup of coffee, make some phone calls & get to arrange some stuff for my client

11:30am - wonder around what to do and decided to read others blog

I admired some blogs because they can express themselves very well. Sometime I am just thinking why my life is so bored? Some blogs really excite me because they have been interesting pictures to post up and they have so much to share. Is it because my life is too bored and I have nothing to share? I guess I am beginning to learn. I want to be a new person. I want to be able to express myself so that I have interesting stuff to share with.

Sometime I felt that I have lost my direction. I don't know where am I heading to. Am not sure is it my own problem or is it society problem. I feel glad that I have learn to blog because by blogging I can be able to see how people lead their life and how people share their works.

I am glad that I am into scrapbooking because I have discovered for myself a new hobby. Thanks to my sister who introduced me what is scrapbooking since last year. However, unfortunately after she has introduced to me and I was soooo into it. She was too busy to carry on with her scrap. I hope she will pick it up again when she is not too busy with her works one day.

There you go...a day for spilling out my feeling that I always wonder around.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Hubby is staying home today because of federal territory day. I have to work because after CNY long break, this is my first day back to work. Nothing much to do at work because some vendors are still on their long holidays. Bumming around in the office and decided to have lunch at sis restaurant.
Finally, the days are able to go home much earlier to be with hubby. Sometimes, the days are just blue...there is nothing much we can do or we are just being lazy to move about. We decided to stay home and be a couch potato!
Later at night I have to be at my aunt's place for some chinese praying. I stayed till 1am and drive home alone.

That's it for Monday blue...