Thursday, February 9, 2012

Project Life | Week 1-3

Hullo peeps,
I am finally back with my first week of my Project Life posting. I am excited to post it out but I am kind of embarrassed too because I don't think I have put in much details and effort into it. Well, I think I am slowly and gradually understanding how each pocket works. I hope my Week 4 & 5 will be more interesting. I am working on it tonight *crossing my fingers*

Here is the overall view...hope you enjoyed it!
Thanks for looking.
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3

Sorry, I have been busy with too many things in life and I am slightly slack with doing layouts. I am just so hooked with taking pictures everyday with Instagram and current project "Project Life". Once a while, I still do altered project. I hope after a few more weeks, everything will fall back to normal. Meanwhile, you can find inspiration at Scrappin Studio blog! This year I have make a big change over on the blog and what's awesome news! We have a handful of talented and well-known Designers from every part of the world to host the blog. Sharing and giving you more inspirations each week. Do drop in and leave some comment at the blog and to your idol designers if you spotted one.

See you around peeps!