Sunday, October 31, 2010

365: day twenty fourth - day thirty first

It's time to update my 365. A week past is like a glimpse...

day 24: taken by iPhone - having lunch at uncle's lim by myself.
day 25: by D80 - very please with my new arrangement for my scrap-kits in my living space.
day 26: by D80 - Guess what it is? YES! It's my Studio Calico Kits from 2009. It is still nicely sitting in the brown bag.  Can't wait till to get my hands on it!! I am sure you wanna know what is inside? :p
day 27: by D80 - After so many months, finally I am having a cuppa coffee at my sis's  resto 'Eat.Work.Shop' situated in Glenmarie. Nice coffee, I have to say.
day 28: by D80 - After play school at home with Lucas and his black & red Snake!
day 29: This is how messy my desk can get when I am scrapping. Still trying to get the album  finish.
day 30: by iPhone - I wanna take my son naked, didn't have the time to grab my camera. Well, it was lucky the effect turn out to be blur. If not I am worried I am posting nudity picture....teehee
day 31: by iPhone - Deepavali Artwork at Giza Mall. Very stunning color. Beautifully done!
Turns out today was Halloween Day too. Wishing everyone Happy Halloween!! I wish I can celebrate Halloween too with Lucas but too bad most Msian do not celebrate it. My project 365 is keeping me busy with my Camera or my iPhone. I am so pleased that I finally had completed a month of it. I will try to keep it up. Though I have been taking pictures almost everyday. I have a confession to make. Sometime I am still lacking of picture to post and therefore some picture I have to re-take in order to complete my 365. Well, I guess this wouldn't break the rule. So long, I am still taking picture...

seriously I'm missing of something...

I realize I am so into my own 'little' world all this while. After an hour of reading other blogs, especially Malaysian's crafters blog that published by fellow blogger's friend Sheera Teo. I only realize that I am missing a lot of fun out there. Been 9 months sitting around for not updating myself is a very wrong doing. What happen to me? What have I been thinking and waiting for?

Seriously, I would like to thank my friend that lead me to know more about Malaysian's crafter. Also would like to thank Michelle a.k.a Chowchow that host Scrapping Inspirations which make everyone life so much easier to locate creative people and potential crafters in Asia country. I have been looking and searching high and low for people that can talk and share in the same channel. I understand it is quite a pain to search in Malaysia search engine for local crafters. If there is no connection, I don't think I can find so many crafters around locally.

I hope I am not to late to jump in to their group and hope I can share more of my stuff. I have to say, I am lucky tonight!! *wink* *wink*

Before heading off, I would like share one of my fav picture of Lucas. Goodnight!

Lucas first swim without a float with daddy beside him.

Friday, October 29, 2010

been thinking.been dreaming.been trying

Half way researching and reading others blog. I decided to go back and take a look what I have done for this pass few years in my own blog page. What a sad thing, I did not do much and say much about scrappin', ever since I have Lucas in my life. Well, I may not been scrappin' but I am still doing every little bit of stuff like Birthday card, Albums & Invites card for others. I realize I haven't really been doing anything for myself, my family and my son. 

When I looked back at the past few scrapbook that i have done, I really do miss scrapping. Since I still have Studio Calico, 2009 pass kits which I have ordered in and it's still sitting in the brown paper bag. I better sort it out and get my engine warm up and get it done before the things start piling up! Yes, that's right!

I guess today blog title is very much something that I would like to share. I have been thinking a lot this whole month. Last 2 weeks, I have decided to let go of my ID business because I just find out that I have no more passion in it. Not that I have no more passion in creating and designing house. Perhaps I am quite tired in dealing and running back and forth which is the nature of this business. Sometime very tiring and depress when your project can't go on and things not going on smoothly. Maybe the problem is myself which I realize I have no more motor in myself in this business.

I have been dreaming a year ago about running another business which I feel I am much more happy running the new business. I am trying to give myself many answer and courage that I should do it! May be its because of my ID failure, that I am now very careful with this new business that I want. I am working on with the research and thinking and planning, in order that this business will not fail. I am trying to make my dream happen. Opening a scrapbook store is always a dream for me. It may look very simple if you are creative or if you know how to scrap but it is not simple at all. No business can start that simple after all. I am trying very hard to have a different direction in scrapbooking. I hope I can be able to break it through. Of course, I wish my fellow friends and family members will continue to support me. 

I am very grateful to have this person in my life that giving me a full support and helping me to make my dream come true. I have to thank my DH for giving me unlimited support of him. Without him, I do not know whether I have the guts to start my new life and challenge myself again. 

I am open for any comment and idea. If anyone who come across this message, please share with me some of your thoughts and comments. Your idea and comment will be my moral support to my next step of my success!

Monday, October 25, 2010

365: day twenty third

day 23: lovely and sweet dessert

Finally, I get to post my 23rd day. This Strawberry Tart is from Sun Moulin, KLCC. It's look really nice from the display, therefore decided to buy it home for dessert tonight. Well, whether it taste yummy. Erm...I have to say it was just 'okay' not the fantastic one that I have tasted before. However, I just think the tart presentation does look delicious. That's about it. Gotta head to bed. Sweet dreamsz~

Saturday, October 23, 2010

365: day seventeen - day twenty second

day 17: 'baby aid kit' for my nephew Jaden
day 18: Sweet little Jaden born in 16 October 2010, weight 3.24kg
day 19: Lucas portrait.
day 20: Cupcake! anyone? Just trying to take a nice bokeh with the cupcake.
day 21: I like the yellow with the natural background color of the sky. If I am not wrong this yellow flower is in the orchid family.
day 22: Yes, polaroids of my grandma's 81st birthday. Trying to compile it into an album. Will post it up once it's complete!

Sorry for not posting my 365 earlier. Yes, I am missing day 23 coz I do not have the time to load the picture right now. I will definitely post it soon. I am in mist of writing up and doing something pretty important to everyone and to myself. I hope I can really, really share with you very soon. I can't wait till to share it with everyone. Come back and check on my blog every now and then. Chat again.....ciao!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

365: day sixteen

Lucas play school craft work!
Today was the birth of Jaden Lee. He is an angel to K & J and a cutie-pie!
Today was my late grandpa birthday in Chinese lunar calendar which is 9 month and day 9.
Today was my ex-neighbor son's Nathan birthday! And I just found out,
Today was my Uncle Loo's birthday as well.

Wow...just too many things happening in just one day.
16th October is really an auspicious day!

Friday, October 15, 2010

365: day fifteen

I am so excited because my sis-in-law just admitted to hospital for her labour. How wonderful to see a beautiful angel coming to this world. So nice to see my Lucas going to have his little cousin to play with. The feeling I have now is exactly the same feeling that I have before Lucas is out to this world. I happy for K & J. Hope they are staying calm and excited as I am now.

Sharing to you my day 15th photo that I took from my iPhone. Variety size of cups from Starbuck! Love Starbuck coffee too!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

365: day fourteen

Happy Morning 'Glory'!
Today was Lucas play school day. Mummy is looking forward too on this day to bring Lucas to Zoe House at Glad Tidings in Section 13, PJ. Today's topic was FISHes!  All the children are looking forward to go fishing!! (It was a surprise for the children and mummies too). At the end of the play, Lucas manage to catch more than 10 fishes (more like mummy do the fishing and Lucas wanting to jump inside the pool and have a swim with all the

Our day end with happily going home with little fishes which I am going to put them into our mini aquarium we have at home.

Enjoy my 365 photos....have a nice day and thank god it's Friday tomorrow!!

Nite nitez.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

365: day thirteen

Today when I was doing my grocery, I saw this cute little pumpkins. Reminding me of Halloween!! Just too bad that in my country we don't actually celebrate it. I wish we acknowledge it because I would love to help Lucas to dress up in his tiny cute Halloween suit. I saw many of my bloggers have pretty nice and cute pictures of their child with cool & terrific halloween suit.

Perhaps I should get something for Lucas or make him something....uhm... "Trick or Treats!!"

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

365: day twelve

Another of my son picture because I love the new baby-T he is wearing today. Love the yellow and white stripe especially wore on him. Too bad I did not take enough shots to show you the little tigress on the shirt.
Today was not a productive day for me. I hope tomorrow will be a much better day for me!

Monday, October 11, 2010

365: day eleven

Can you guess what is this?

Yup, it does look like a honeycomb but it's in red ruby color... 
yes, it is a "pomegranate". I decided to take this picture as my project 365 coz the property and the color of it are interesting. After taking a few shots, I think this is the best that I capture. I hope you like it too!

Will see what I have for you tomorrow. 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

365: day ten

I can't believe, I actually pulled through till day tenth. Today was really a special day with a meaningful date 10.10.10 for many people all around the world.
Today my 365 photo is my son. He does really look so grown up in the picture. I cannot resist of just picking one photo of him. I decided to post 2 pictures of him. Hope you enjoy the photos and today too!
Happy 10.10.10!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

365: day nine

Am loving the noise of this picture. I thought it was a waste after taking the picture and it was too dark but after adjusting it in Lightroom. I kind of like the noise and decided to post it as my 365 photo.

Friday, October 8, 2010

365: day eight

Finally, I got my new lens!! I am loving my 50mm f1.4/D. This is one of my first few pictures taken with the lens. Very happy to have the still exploring and playing with it. I hope I can upload more pictures in the next post. Love, love, love it.......very much!! Thank you DH for getting me the lens in return I gave him his iPad for his birthday.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

365: day seven

day seven, did not seem to capture much on today but I find this is meaningful while having my cuppa in Starbuck. I hope everyone will think and do the same thing as well 'Shared Planet'!!

365: day six

Lucas 4th day in play school and this is his 'Humpty Dumpty' project. Well, very obvious this is mummy's work or art and Lucas do the final touch which giving the paper a little texture on the paper (lol). I hope one day he will be asking me for help to do all his handy craft work. I would love to see him to do his own crafty work very soon.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

365: day five

My fifth day of project 365, I decided to post this picture of my Lucas. He is so lazy to hold his own biscuits. He is getting naughtier and cheeky!

365: day four

An iPad card? Yeap, trying to make a Birthday Card for DH on 8th October. I am still mingling on the layout and trying to put in more embellishments.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

365: day three

Food preparation for grandma 81st birthday on 3rd Oct 2010. Love the vibrant color of the vegetables.

While blogging, I found some other Project 365 that I think their ideas are pretty interesting and clever. I would like to share with my fellow readers this random blog I found, Lilac Saloon and Jenn Maddocks Design"Lovely photos & work"

365: day two

Can you guess how old is Snowy? He may look pretty young in the picture but he is turning 15 years old this 30th November 2010. I am surprised that he is still by my side. He do not look old to me coz his barking and hearing are still very alert.

Lately Snowy has funny attitude towards Lucas. I speculate that he is jealous over Lucas. Poor, poor little doggy.

Monday, October 4, 2010

365: day one

I finally get myself up to start on this project. I am thrilled to have companies that willing to do this project with me. Am I right James and Marcia! It's a challenge in life and I think it will be FuN too. My first photo will be my 'cheeky' son that just turn 9 month and 5 days old.

"Forever his mouth will be filled with object & soft toys" - can never stop him for not doing it