Friday, April 24, 2009

sorry for being mia...

...finally I have some time to update my blog. I know I have not been a good blogger and have gone missing for ten days. I have been busy studying, booking and planning my Japan trip. At work I am busy writing up some Business Planning...'too many things come at once.' I just do not have the time to concentrate.

...finally tonight I have some time, first off my dh has went for his diving trip with his buddy. How good that sound? I wish I have the PADI license and I can follow them along but too bad...I do not have the time to obtain it. Since hubby is not around for 4-days. I will take this opportunity to do some scrapping and will play with my new kits & stamps which I received both on the same day. First parcel from SC and the second from 2-Peas-in-a-bucket. How fortunate I am? I have waited for the parcel ever since from last week...and finally its here!! Happy and lucky girl today. I did thought of to start scrappin' tonight but I have no energy to drag myself to my scrap room. Well, I guess I will start dreaming of my kits while I am in bed :)

Sorry, there is no post of picture today because I am using a different pc to post this message.

note: mia = missing in action

p.s. WOW, I {heart} the new SC 'Countdown Widget'

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Creative Malaysian Blogger Award

I am so glad to hear that Etsy Malaysia has this award for "All Malaysian Creative Blogger". I am so happy & honored that Shera has nominated me. Thank you so much, Shera!! I hope this can give each of us more courage and motivation.

This award was created by Team Etsy Malaysia to promote, and hopefully, build a network of creative Malaysian bloggers around the world.

The 5 sources of my inspiration are:
  1. Studio Calico
  2. Tina Aszmus
  3. Davinie Fiero
  4. Ali Edwards
  5. Jennifer McGuire

I will announce the 5 nominees of this award are (in no particular order):

  1. Lay Hoon
  2. Shera
  3. Vivian Low
  4. Ying
  5. Irene Tan

Now here are the expectations that come with the award:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. List your 5 sources of inspiration.
3. Nominate 5 other Malaysian blogs which demonstrate some form of creativity.
4. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
5. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog, and if possible, make sure they follow these 6 steps too!
6. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received your award.

To spread this, we need everyone to participate. So please help unite artistic Malaysian bloggers!

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Monday, April 13, 2009

a bday card

Card stock: White (Brazzill ), Irish eyes (Brazzill Dotted Swiss) Patterned paper: Itinerary (Collage Press) Embellishment: Print Ribbon, Mini Marks-Rub-on (American Crafts) Tools: Effervescence (Fiskar), 1 1/8" (EK Success) , Alpha (Hero Arts) Others: Owl illustration (Illustrator)

I hope my friend's May can be able to receive her card in time.

Have a great week ahead!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Its ALL about Bangkok

I would say Bangkok is an interesting place that you should visit if you have an opportunity. Well...not all people will like it there but generally people will love Bangkok!! I actually did say before that I dislike Bangkok but the moment I step inside the city, I was telling myself "Oh! it is an interesting place. They even have underground as compare with Kuala Lumpur" Well, besides the big city & beautiful malls...Bangkok does have some drawback that your first impression is "eeww" (lol).

Below are some photos taken on some street foods . . .(obviously I did not try all of

I {heart} this roasted coconut juice. This is "A must try" when you are in Thailand/Bangkok :D
I have not been seeing "Coke in glass bottle" anymore. I think it is still taste the best in a glass bottle (somehow)

Here is some pics on the food hall market . . .

Can you tell what it is? . . . you will never believe it, its a whole lot of butter in a giant bowl!!

All look so Yummy and you just can't resist it!!

This is Chinatown in Bangkok. . .Yes, you did not see wrong. It is an elephant walking on the street (lol). I find it surprised and funny too when I first encounter it.

Our first night dinner...looks yummy! Well, I don't think you can see clearly what it is. It is "shark-fin soup" with accompaniment with some chives & beansprouts.

Our 2nd night dinner..."Traditional Thai food and delicious & yummy pork knuckle"

It is amaze to see the whole table filled up with foods. And obviously we have the in-house brewed German Lager Beer. It was a satisfying meal.

Now you see it!
And its all gone (lol)

That's all my experience for two nights in Bangkok. I hope my info can be able to make your trip as wonderful as mine.

Dinner at Chinatown: No specific address, hope the picture given can lead you there.
Dinner at Rama III: 462/21 Rama 3 Road, Yannawa Bangkok, Thailand 10120 Contact : 62-6781114 662-6781115

Happy eating & exploring!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

monday, 6th april

for the past few days I've been busy with so many things...i just do not know where to begin. last week in Apr 1st, i have to book two airfare tickets to Japan from a travel agent. i have to make sure i call in on the 1st because the promotional ticket start on 1st and end on 15th Apr. it was incredibly & unbelievable airfare price!! 2 return tickets from KL to JP is going for RM2,900 (USD765) i am so thrilled by just hearing the word JAPAN!! yes! i am going for my honeymoon trip in June. all this while, i have been dreaming and wishing to visit Japan another time. its has been 18 years ever since i visited Japan. this time round, i told dh that i must visit Hokkaido, Kyoto & Nagoya (where my gf stay). i just could not believe that i am actually going to Japan. so now we are all set going to Japan and next step we have to start planning on our route & start searching for budget accommodations.

last weekend i spent most of my time online and also self learning in Photoshop. i am an amateur in Photoshop because i only know how to use Illustrator. But lately i said to myself that i have to keep on learning and self improvement (is a must to everyone).
i have an interesting site that i would like to share with some of my blogger & friends who may or may not already know about it. i found '' a place to buy & sell all handmade stuffs which i find pretty interesting. if you have time, you can check it out and share with me what do you think? i will keep you informed if i have an etsy store ^.^

sharing with you are some tricks i have learned in lightroom & photoshop;
original picture

after some adjustment. . .

(1) adjusting temp to -64
(2) auto tone photo
(3) aged photo
above setting is from Lr (Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2)
2nd part - adding fake Ttv at Adobe Photoshop

thanks for stopping by.