Friday, December 31, 2010

Today is Lucas Bday!!

Why am I not blogging the past few days? Reason no 1, I'm still half way through completing my site. On the 2nd Jan 2011, I should have some News to share to everyone!! Just stay tune...Sorry for being slack this month. No 2, I'm busy preparing my son 1 year old bday! Planning a kids party is not easy as I thought. Need to get the kids together, firstly I have to plan some entertainment for them, I have prepare each a Party Pack and Foods as well. lucky, everything is well taken care of.
While I'm waiting for Wondermilk to finish off Lucas cupcakes. I decided to steal a bit of time to blog via IPhone lol. I'm so glad that nowadays phone can do wonders.
To cut things short, would love to share more photos of my Spore trip & Xmas party but those need time to be edited. Therefore today, I would just share my 365 pictures which I'm slacking as well lol

Day 82 - This shop is interesting. Must check it out if you know Wondermilk located at Damansara Utama.

Day 83 - by far this is not bad Cafe Latte that can get in KL. Crema & the froth is silky & creamy.

Enjoy the rest of your day! Happy New Year to all of you. Have a good start ahead in 2011!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I am back from my trip...

This trip was exhausting! but it was a fun and productive trip. It was tired to travel with my boy but it was fun having him there. He enjoy himself especially we take him to places like Orchard. He just loves looking at people (lol) The lights along Orchard was a WOW to many of us. It was beautiful, and alway do without disappointment. We manage to bring Lucas to Jurong Bird park too. It was all fun and tired.

Why I say productive trip. In this trip especially with Lucas around, mummy manage to shop for her shoes, clothes and best thing of all. I manage to stop over at MWL and you know what, I have a long session with Sandra the founder of MWL. What a wonderful day, but just too bad I can't squeeze thru my time to make a slot for myself in her workshop...just too bad :(

Just two more days and its Christmas! I have to start wrap, wrap, wrapping all the pressie...Before I am off to continue with my errands. Would like to share with you my 365 photos.

day 75: Lucas found his fav toy!
day 76: Yo!
day 77: Orchard Rd, with all the big branding!!
day 78: Wherelse can that be? It's Singapore!
day 79: Merry X'mas!! All the from Marina Bay Sand. Beautiful place...Must go.

day 80: When we are having our Chill-Out Time!
day 81: Dinner time at Moza Pizzeria. Fantastic resto and awesome pizza they have there!!
Spotted me and dh right at the corner in the mirror? LOL
I do have more from my DSLR but I haven't got the time to upload and get it edited on time to post. Will share more of my pictures perhap after Christmas. Photos above are taken by iPhone via Instagram.

Have a fun week and I hope everyone are looking forward on this Season Greetings. Enjoy every bit with you family. Cheers~

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Missing so many things...

Last 2 days, I have been staying up late to complete my new website. It is not fun at all when you say you want to create your own website. So many things I have to self learn and don't ask why if you see me with two panda eye (lol).

Countdown to another 30 hours and I am having my road trip to Singapore with hubby and Lucas (of course). Main objective is to bring Lucas to Jurong Birdpark & the Zoo! and 2nd objectives, mummy's want to do some shopping and go visiting the LSS. Ooh...I can't wait till to visit WML store. Heard its always jam pack with students and people. I guess our Creative Amelia Khalik is having her fun there now.

Tonight, I told myself I have to give myself at least an visit other blogs and post something up. Well, I am so busy until I do not have my 365 pictures (so slack). I will take more pictures during my trip and try to post up via iPad/iPhone. Hey, wait a minute....I think I have one picture for you.

Day 74
day 74: Trying out my Instagram and it was fun picture! This few days climate is moody and wet.
Took this shot at my house area, admiring the beautiful trees but the condo behind spoil the mood (lol).
Have a good weekend and last week to shop for X'mas pressie!!
Good night!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Project 365: Day 73

Sharing with you Day 73,

Having my happy hour in one of the restaurant Omega in Bukit Jalil...

Check the Hoegarden mug, it's 0.5 liter!! It's huge!!

Have a good week!
I am so looking forward to this weekend.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sketch #133

Here is my take for another sketch #133

I have fun doing this LO.
I am loving the little 'cut-out' frames from Sassafras and all the stamping from Studio Calico & of course Maya Mist.

Tonight my post is rather short because my iPad is giving me some problem in syncing. I have to settle it, if not I will not have a peace of mind tonight. I am those person that need to get things done right away. Sound very much of an impatient person huh...
I just saw Sketch #134 and I am itching to do it.
Hoping to share more :)

Project 365: Day 72

I just want to post this for my 365 shot. On my next post will be my sketch... :)

day 72: My bro K birthday cake that we bought from BR31.
What flavor? It gotta be JAF!! (Jamoca Almond Fudge) haha

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Project 365: Day 71

I hope everyone are having their best time with their friends and families this weekend. I have a good one too and today was my brother K birthday too. Having some feast at home and BR ice-cream. I just want to post a short one coz I still have a sketch to finish for tonight.

I want to put this as my 365...I hope you guys enjoy it!

day 71: As promise to some Designer's I will take some shots of this
lovely hand-made tags that I learned from the Crop Market.
I cannot resist it, I added 2 extra in the collection itself.
 I am planning to give-away as X'mas Tags to my fellow Aunties
during our Christmas Eve gathering. Loving every piece of it!!
Let's have some FUN! Please leave a comment of which one you think is the prettiest and I will do a by December 18, 2010 [midnight] and WINNER will receive a personalize hand-made TAG made by 'moi'. Please leave your email address after your message. 
Everyone are welcome to join in the fun.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sketch #132

Hi there...I am having so much fun in Papier a couple of hours back. Having lots of fun catching up and learning new techniques. The best part was meeting up new scrapbookers. For those of you who miss it, do come join in next time. Its really FUN! 
Thank you Rosa, Sham, Amelia & Teacher Jessy for all the hard work and patient teaching us ALL.

Well, here is my take for Creative Scrappers Sketch #132
If you read my previous project 365, this is the TAFETTA kit I'm using for this challenge sketch.
{Materials by Cosmo Cricket, American Crafts, Sassafras, Jenni Bowlin & Making Memories. Stamp by Studio Calico}
Yes, I am a Calico fans! :)
Have a good weekend with your family.

Friday, December 10, 2010

November Sketch Challenge by Scrapbook Sussies

Above LO was my first participant on Scrapbook Sussies site. I found the site through Creative Scrappers. My next sketch should be Creative Scrappers, Sketch #132 :)

Oh! Before logging off, I would like some of my fellow scrappers that I will be joining the "Crop Market" that host by Papier Love with a few DTs. Anyone who would like to join the fun tomorrow please do come by. I am sure it will never be too late...just CoME!! See ya!


Project 365: Day 65 - Day 70

I can't believe its already Friday. 
Last night, Amazing Race Asia final episode was kind of disappointment. Me and dh wait up till mid-night for the repeat and it was dissatisfy. However, I still happy for the team that won the big prize but I was hoping the Indonesian or the Singaporean teams to win first place (lol).

I have something to share but before that I would like to post up my 365 first =)

day 65: Credit for Wendy who helping out a lot in my sis M wedding.
A nicely done 'ang pow' collection box from W & M.
day 66: mum with her stunning look! 
day 67: Tailored made dress - loving the ruching & the flower crystals
day 68: TAFETTA kits for my next project!
day 69: Lucas is showing off his lil talent and his cheeky look!
day 70: Sweater from Aunty A, brought all the way from Australia. Thank you!
I will be back through on the next post.
Happy Friday!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A lazy holiday...

hi hi
today was a public holiday fall in malaysia.
it was awal muharram (isalamic new year). 
for those of you are worshiping islamic, i wish you all have a great day with families and friends.
for those of you are just laid-back like me, please do enjoy this holiday with catching up with friends or do as much cropping as possible :)

for me...
i manage to cook brunch for my cousin sister and her dh that flew in from sydney last week to celebrate my sis wedding. we have a wonderful catching up and we eventually made some planning for christmas eve party! a week from now, i will be taking a break with hubby to singapore. can't wait till to have some break for myself and for dh too. well, he needed the holiday more than me thou...hehe. i need it too coz i just love holiday!!

my project 365: day 64

alright peeps...
need to do come catching up with my family too.
can't be all the time hogging on the computer...


Sunday, December 5, 2010

November Landmark/Scenery Challenge by SIC

Today may not be my most productive weekend but I still managed to complete some of my personal stuff. This afternoon while taking Lucas out for lunch at the Curve. I popped by at Papier to enroll for the 'Crop Market" that falls on the 11th Dec, 2010 from 2pm-4pm. I look at the list and saw some familiar names....woo hoo! We girls are gonna have some FuN!! The non-productive day was...I did not have any of my time to do any cropping coz my son just took my whole afternoon and night as well. I just manage to put him to sleep and you know what, I am tire too. Well, I guess this is life when you are someone mummy....*Big Sacrifices*

Before I head on to bed, I would like to post this up for SIC, November Challenges.

I chose this picture because it brings back many beautiful and happy memories to me & dh. This picture was taken during our  honeymoon 2009 and I was 2 mth pregnant in Hokkaido, Japan. This place was so beautiful that words just can't describe all. It was so serene and peaceful that we cycle almost the whole town. This picture was taken in this small town called "Biei" 

Material used: Paper choice; {Studio Calico-Bogie, Cafe America & We'll Always Have Paris}, Embellishments; {Prima-Map Flowers}{Making Memories-Passport Ribbon & Mini Alpha Sticker}{Maya Road-Border Chipboard}{Studio Calico-Map Stamp}{American Crafts-Thinker Alphabet}{K&Co-Button}{Felt Border}{Crate Paper-Rub-Ons}

I am quite happy with the outcome because the picture actually does give a big contrast with the choice of paper I used. The choice of paper has helped to create an antique kind of look to this LO. In this LO, I have input some of Emeline Seet inspiration from her workshop. Happy to know more new techniques. 

Thanks for dropping by.
Off to snooze now....