Monday, February 28, 2011


Phew...finally it's all done!! Yeah....I have made it! This is my Creative Scrapper Sketch #142. For the very first time, I get to participate all CS sketches! I am quite proud of myself. Now I believed that nothing is impossible. Everything is possible, if you want to do it!
I think of all the sketches I did for the whole week, this is the best sketch of all! 
You can check out the sketch here.

Close-up shots...
Can you guess which flower is made by me?

I hope you enjoyed every layouts I have posted it up this past few days.
I have to say, the more I scrap, more mojo I have each day. I noticed I take lesser time for myself to scrap a layout and I will alway try my best to input in some new detailing.
Thanks for looking and thank you for the courage of words and comments that you leave in the comment box. See ya!

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Hi! Yes, I am still posting my layout (lol)...This is CS Sketch #144 and the sketch is here.
I think I am being a little bit obedient with this sketch. Didn't really change much but I like the sketch a lot. I specially scrap this piece, for my brother K and his 4 month old lil J during his fullmoon day (fullmoon = 1 month old in our chinese custom theory). 

I am trying my very best to finish up the Jan & Feb reason why, I am eyeing on the March kits already. Too many yummy stuff in March's Kit and I want those Stella & Rose line badly....haha. Oh! Just keeping you reminded again. The Reveal Night Giveaway is in Scrappin Studio Blog! Leave a comment to see whether you are the lucky one and win yourself something. This month we are selecting 2 winners!!

Here is the sketch for now...

 Close-up shots...
Those circle patterned embellished was from BG packing piece.
Never throw your packaging away, it alway come in handy whenever you need it!

I think that's for today, I will come back tomorrow for the last sketch which is #142 and perhaps some 365 picture. I hope you ladies, scrappers and friends have a splendid weekend. Thank you so much for taking your time to view and leave your wonderful comment. Your comment alway make me smile from my heart. I will hop around to your blog very soon....TFL!!


Showing you Creative Scrappers sketch#141. I think I went over a little with the sketch, not too sure whether this qualify but would love to post it up as #141. I enjoyed doing this piece. Love tearing and distressing the papers and I am playing with my mist.
The sketch is here.
Some close-up shots...

I can't stop staying at my son's round face and his eyes is SOoo Big! (lol)
Hope you like this layout. I still have 1 more to go...
Enjoy the layout!



I have a busy weekend today. Just too many things happening...Firstly, would like to inform all scrappers & friends. Hop over to Scrappin Studio Blog now!! Leave a comment and stand a chance to win some goody for yourself!
I have a productive week and still I have 1 more sketch to go!! Let's see what I have and I will be writing less in the post but inputing more pictures of the layout...thanks for looking.
This is sketch #143. You can view the sketch here.

In this layout, I have mixed the kits around. Some are from Candy Shoppe and Who's who kits.
The stamp that I used in the layout are from Ali Edwards & Studio Calico.
See you in the next post!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Little Buddha for SIL Feb Challenge!

Hi there, very soon February month's going to end. 
I still have 4 more days to catch up with the list of tasks I set for myself (lol). 
Okay, here is another one down. 
I completed this for "Scrap-It-Lah" February month challenge. 
I know I still have 4 more to nail it down...mojo...mojo...please come to me!! (haha). 

Back to the layout. I am too hype out with Color Room palette still. Therefore, I am trying to do another layout with the same color coordination from TCR. Recently, I was clearing my past kits and I found that I have this Tim Holtz mask! I totally in love with it. I tried different medium in this layout and love playing with the blue. I hope this layout of mine can qualify for this month challenge 
"no RED or PINK or Any 2 shades of the Color".
So, here is the layout... 

Here are some close-ups shot that you may want to view,

 I name my layout "Little Buddha" coz when Lucas was about 5-6 months old. 
He is so chubby and obviously he look those China lil monk (lol). 
 I love those 'round' eyes *smile from the heart*
 I did it again with my hand-made flower and adding a little touch on it with Webster's Pages Little Whimsies and some Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist. I love it!!
I hope you enjoy this layout of mine and have a nice day.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"She's An Angel" Layout

Hi peeps,
How are you on a sunny Wednesday?
Today, I am going to share with you another layout from February's Kit, Candy Shoppe and Add-on, Jaw Breaker. I just love the Rainbow pp from Crate Paper and SC exclusive stamp. If you hoard on SC stamps, please log in here to check out on more selections!!
 In the layout, I have incorporated with Mister Huey's, Sunshine and Distressing Ink. 
I fuzzy cut out the heart shape and handmade the flower from the kit's pp.
Here are some close-up shots...

Don't you find my little nieces's adorable! 
Yes, she have such big eyes and she does look like her mummy.
She is going to be 3 years old this March 2011. 
I did another layout of her when she was 7 months old.
You can have a look in here. (Please excuse the photography, I was a lousy photographer by then)
I hope you will enjoy this piece and do check at Scrappin Studio Blog for more inspiration. 
See you there!!


Monday, February 21, 2011

TCR#46 + CRC#46

I have to tell you that I had so much fun last night. I manage to finish (1) layout and (1) card for "The Color Room" Palette #46. I am sure for some of you had already done and posted it up. So, here will be by take. I finally get to use my handmade flowers! I have to say the blooms are looking 'Gorgeous' in the page (lol). I am quite please after completing it. Here is the TCR pallete...

It was a 'Simple' card thou. You can see, I am trying to finish up the alpha stickers.
I {heart} those "papertrey-stamp". I hope you enjoy both of the pieces. Have a great week and will be posting again soon!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Marathon week!

Hi, hi! I am back for my next post...
I would like to share with you gals that this week I am going to make myself busy as eva!
Don't know why, probably "Jessy" blessing really do come true! She wished for me to have more Mojo each day to create! I guess I will take this opportunity to push myself to the limit and see whether I can complete this marathon by 28 of February 2011 at 11:59pm.

Here are my tasks that I set for myself...(please do not think I am crazy when you read it). I am very serious...(lol)

Creative Scrappers due date: 28 Feb'11
  • Sketches #141
  • Sketches #142
  • Sketches #143
  • Sketches #144 (All the sketches are indeed beautiful, none of it I would like to give up. So, ladies wish me luck!)
The Color Room due date: 24 Feb'11
  • Palette #46. I am crossing my fingers, whether I want to do both or just the layout OR a card!
Scrap-It-Lah due date: 28 Feb'11
  • Feb Challenge with NO red or pink or Any Shade of the 2 Colors.
    I guess this will be the limit...anything beyond will be unrealistically. This should sum up to 6 layouts + 1 card. I don't know how am I going to complete it. On average I should be scrapping 1 layout per day. Looking at it, it doesn't sound that bad but I have to tell you, I am a slow scrapper *sigh*

    Alright, let's get myself up and start Rolling!!
    Oh! wait...wait... before that I would love to show you some of my 365 which I am quite far behind too....hehe. Let's enjoy the yummy food I have and I like...

    First course
    day 123: Japanese food @ Hanare, Intermark at Jln Tun Razak

    3rd course!
    day 124: Sashimi!! 

    Anyone, cod fish sperm?
    day 125: A unique dish and first time trying it. It's from Cod's fish.

    My all time fav!!
    day126: Uni / Sea-Urchin is my all time fav in Jap cuisine.
    I did not tell you that my fav food is always Jap and I love making
    my own japanese dinner (when I have the mood to cook)

    I miss this age of him!
    day 127: I am trying to conserve lil L baby look. I miss this picture of HIM.

    day 128: Showing you another batch of my ATC. I think I am ready to SWAP.
    ATC swapper please contact me. Love to meet up and do some catching up.
    I don't mind mailing it out too! Please convey me k!

    For those of you who miss my yesterday post on 19th Feb, please hop in and leave a message for a chance to win my lovely hand-made blooms. Thank you for popping by and I can never thank you gals enough for leaving me beautiful words in my blog.

    Till I post again.

    Saturday, February 19, 2011

    A Saturday filled with full of joy & excitement!

    Hi peeps,
    It was a very special day to me and I decided to post before I head off to my dinner!
    I did not post anything last night because I was having so much fun with my new stuff! You will get to understand when you see the pictures below.

    As said, I have something to share and to give. Yes, I remember and here is the surprise! As I am showing the surprises to you, I am also adding it to my project 365. Trying to kill 2 birds with 1

    day 115: A Surprise gift I received this morning...
    I just gave myself a birthday treat! Voila!!
    day 116: A special treat for myself at Papier, The Curve for my Bday treat!!
    Yes, hurray! Today was "moi" birthday. I am happy that it is indeed my Bday but I'm not too excited about it because I know I'm adding another year to my age *sigh*. Anyhoo, I still would love to share with my fellow friends and scrappers out there. I hope you gals share with me when it comes to your special day k!
    Lucas & his friends
    day 117: Mummy was having fun shopping and lil L
    was having fun in the Jurassic car with his little friends behind :)
    day 118: His 'cheeky' look of today on my very special day.
    Here is the surprise of my gift! Ta-dah.........
    day 119: My birthday gift from hubby.
    Now my Charm Bracelet addition is getting more.
    I hope you gals understand what it *so obvious*
    Prima flowers!? Lol...
    day 120: This was taken last night with iPhone and some bad lighting (lol)
    I made this last night, while watching American Idol.
    I know the photo don't looks yummy at all....let see what I have for you today...

    day 121: Handmade flowers by Moi. (non-edited version)
    I just crop it! Lighting & Exposure are all perfect!! Cheh...sound prefossional..hehe
    After looking at the pictures and you must be getting impatient what is the giveaway! The giveaway is............... the above "handmade flowers" I made. I am willing to hand them over to my fellow friends and scrappers out there to owns it. Unfortunately, only 1 lucky owner will be able to have it :) Leave me a comment after this post and I will draw a lucky person to have this lovely blooms. You can use it to make card, hair accessories, on your layout or anything you can think of.

    I know, some of you may feel...I am such a farnee girl that do giveaway on my bday. I find giving something away on my special day is something 'unique'. I always believe these words "give and take". Here are more flowers picture for you to enjoy...

    day 122: Love this!
    OK, I am running soooo late, and I have to end here. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend with their love one's and their families.

    I will only start drawing the lucky person in a week time.
    Thanks for dropping by and thank you so much for leaving me your sweet comments and well wishes.