Monday, May 4, 2009

the good stuff!!

I'm so happy to find this lil baby. It was abandon in my dad's office. I was desperately trying to test on the machine but I have to search for the compatible ribbon before I can start testing it. I was very lucky to check on some site and found a nearby supplier at KL. I was consider lucky that I can still be able to get the ribbon for such an old model type-writer Brother AX-325. I know it is not a vintage type-writer. When I saw this type-writer I know this is good enough for me. Vintage type-writer is not easy to find and even if I found it. I am not sure whether it is still functioning. Well, I will definite treasure this lil baby ere!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy NSD!

...another beautiful Sunday. Let me wish all the scrapper from every part of the world a 'Happy National Scrapbooking Day'. I hope all of you have fun yesterday and today as well!! I know there are so many things happening in various kit clubs and LSS as well. Hope you guys have fun and enjoy it!!

...I am a bummer this week. I did not complete my task. However I am just going to keep it short and post you some scrapbook that my brother asked me to do it for him especially for his gf b'day :)

Happy Birthday Joanne! I know I am kind of late to give you a birthday wish, I hope you would not mind. It's the little thought that counts...

p/s: I am looking forward to attend your wedding on September 2009, 26th. I hope your preparations are getting there.

Best wishes~