Friday, January 2, 2009

10 Resolutions of 2009 . . .

1. to be a good wife
2. stay healthy & eat healthily
3. to have achievement in my career
4. need to look for a much bigger home for hubby, me & "our lil-child"
5. to be able to find a new image for myself & my own co. profile
6. sleep early!! haha
7. spend less!! no more owing credit card debts!!
8. do more donations!
9. exercise more frequent, perhaps continue my yoga practice
10. find a potential investment

Many people may think, "hey! no way you can accomplish all that!". Well, I would rather say more than one resolution than to have ONE resolution in a year. I will keep you inform how many have I accomplished at the end of the year...haha

Wish me luck!!

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