Friday, September 24, 2010

Project: 365 days

After reading Project 365: How to take a picture a day and See your life in a new way, written by Photojojo give me an urged to do it. Indeed it sound really interesting and it really does give myself a meaning of life. I think I should go for it becoz I feel I have wasted too much of my precious TIME and I feel 365 days passes real fast each year. When I look back, I cannot see what I have accomplished and it feel like I have not been doing anything. Feel sad about it and feeling a little down.

Should I challenge myself for doing it?

Sound like a fun project and it is like a motivator. I guess I need something to motivate me and keep my engine running.

What do you think my fellow blogger. Shall I go for it!

I shall update on the next post of when is the appropriate date to start it! Good night.


  1. Go ahead !!
    Especially the project of your pleasure ones.