Monday, July 18, 2011

TCR#67 - 'Moment in Life'

Hi everyone! How was your Monday? Today, I has experienced the busiest day ever. In the morning, I have swimming lesson with Lucas. Lucas nanny took a day off today and mummy have to look after my little rascal :) At noon, off to the site to view my 'soon to be my new home'. Pretty hot day thou but am please to look at the outcome. Late noon, I have a 'Urut' lady to give me a 2 good hours massage. It was so good and painful but the outcome is sensation. Therefore, tonight I'm keeping my post short coz my body is feeling like a jelly at the moment.

I hope you enjoy the rest of my post!

Close up shots of my work...

Here is a sneek of my new house ;)

This is not exactly my house but the design looks alike but in mirror image :)

You see that room on the right!? It's gonna be 'moi' craft room! I'm so excited already!! I need some help on designing the storages. If you lovely ladies do come by some nice ideas and pictures. Please do share with me!! I am desperate for ideas! Lol

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Fabulous ... your LO and the house ... how I would love this!

  2. gonna have your own craft room!!! So cool! And love the layout! My kind of colours! :)

  3. Love ur take on the palette. It's a tough color for me..but i think u nail it! Awesome details beb..wtg! :)))

    p/s: aaahhhh i love ur new home..cant wait to see ur scraproom! :)))

  4. That is a beautiful layout for a beautiful bride! Love all the element and details you have on this page.
    Nice house you have, thanks for sharing! And I so wish that the massage lady could come give me a good massage right now! I need one so badly!

  5. Such a cherish and beautiful piece.

    Can't wait to see your new craft room.

  6. Very nice entry Jaimee, hope you'll be featured! Owh I simply love your craft room.. can't wait to walk into it...

  7. Pas mal to have a two-hour massage! really worth the Jello feel afterwards, bet you slept like a log! That house of yours looks absolutely fantastic and to get a scrap room of your own, YAY! I live in a city apartment and had desperate need for really compact storage so I browsed looots of blogs and TwoPeas to get ideas. In short, IKEA's your answer and their cubic storage units called EXPEDIT is the thing. ALL the Aussie ladies seem to have chosen that and many of the American ones too. Suited me like a glove as I live about 10 min from the world's largest IKEA (which is a Swedish company by the way). A challenging palette but you worked the colours just brill Jaimee! love the minty accordion bloom and the wonderful feel to your design. Great job! xxxx

  8. fabulous page indeed Jamie...loving all the details and the medium. Can't wait to see your craft room and thanks for sharing babe!