Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oh me, Oh My! Layout

Hi peeps, I am sharing a Scrappin Studio Sunday Sketch layout. Anyone, wish to play along please feel free to participate HERE! Anyone, who want to know where is the bloom from? It was hand-made using Pink Paislee Mistables fabric scallop ribbon. I just posted a TUTORIAL in Scrappin Studio blog! Feel free to pay a visit if you want to learn to make your own flowers.

Today it was not a happy moment for me because this morning I just discovered my son have hand, foot & mouth disease which it happen a few days ago and I kept thinking it was allergies due to some other things. I wasn't too worry for my son because he still that cheeky & playful even he feels his body has some slight changes. I am very bless to have such a happy-go-lucky child. Only sad thing to L, he has to self quarantine at home for a week or more :( I hope he can recover soon, and be able to go to the States with us *crossing my fingers*

I was not too happy with some other reason...but then again growing up in a big family. There are always disagreement and argument with one another especially when we have our own families now. The heated conversation is alway with the topic 'children'. Well, it is nothing too severe but the topic 'children' does disturbed me. I won't say that I am a fantastic mum but I can admit I am very independent and cool mum. I will not let my child to over rule my life. To me, child is alway a child where by we have to nurture and build them to be a stronger person one day. Unlike certain someone that like to take things for granted and have no respect to elderly. Every human being need some love and respect, please be kind and mind your language some time. I pity my mum that have to take all this sh*t (sorry for being so rude) I really can't take it anymore! I need to let it out because I seriously think to this extend they will gain no respect from anyone if they continue to be so self center. Please be grateful that you are given a shelter, a maid and 2 elderly to help out. If do not appreciate at all, then be a better person and get your own shelter. Please do not take things for granted! 

Phewww...I guess I am all cool and calm now. After blurting it out, I have a peace of mind. I am so sorry, that I choose to write it out because I think the word 'respect' is very important in everyone's life. I guess, my fellow scrappers wouldn't mind that some time I would love to share my thoughts and blurting my feeling out. If you have one, I do not mind to share too! 

Thanks for stopping by and have a good week!


  1. This is a wonderful LO ... so pretty ... I am sorry to hear about your son ... I hope he recovers very soon ... I 'm sorry you are having troubles ... and I hope you feel better for writing it down ... I agree that respect is important ... have a better day ... thinking of you

  2. Hey's totally okay to let off steam once in a while. I do that too on my blog, after all life is not always perfect right. Can be telling all the good stuff to ur readers and expect not to share the real u. I hope things are better for u now that u've let it off ur chest. Dont worry after raya we go coffee2 okay. Oohhhh luurrvveeee ur blooms!!! :)))

  3. Wow! Love this! So pretty! Love how you made that flower, it looks fab! So clever! :)

  4. Jaime, firstly, am so very glad to have the opportunity to meet you at g45 ;) and this layout is so very pretty!!! reading your blog post, i know how you feel. I come from a big family too so its nothing new.if you need someone to talk to or vent your anger {hee} buzz or email me okie..then you feel so much better after that....I can see your frustrations, and i hope things are better now...

    I pray that your boy gets well in no time!! Do takecare and keep in touch

    Oh!!! i wanted to say this since sitting behind you at g45 the other day, i forgot to pay you the mag!!! sigh..soreeeee....


  5. Jaime, that is fine to let out your anger and I totally understand and I hope the situation is ok by now. Glad to meet you last week after so long and hoping that Lucas is doing well as well.

    Back to your layout, gorgeous handmade bloom, loving the banner and "cantek" pic of yours.
    My sister said "all my friends are pretty!!! and easy to engage a conversation with" well I guess all of us not stuck up right. Awesome page and color altogether and thank you for sharing.