Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sharing another layout from Field Guide Oct Kit

This week, I feel that my mojo is coming back. I am so inspired at the moment. I would love to continuously create but it always 'a pause' there. Hmm...I am not sure is it I am giving myself some excuse or is it really the times are spinning faster.

I am quite worried at the moment because I do feel each day passes really quick and I always feel I have tons of stuff to complete each day. I tried planning it out but I still feel I still haven’t done enough and I am moving too slow. First, the weather over here is always problem in conjunction with the traffic. Most of the time I am stuck in the traffic...oh! Well, I guess this is what life are *sigh* I do hate traffic jam a lot!!

I hope my fellow scrappers out there do not have this problem. Well, I guess it is just ME that I am feeling it. All right, before wasting more of times babbling here where I have to make good use of my time before Lucas gets home. I better finish up my posting and whip something out from my craft table. Oh! ya...I will have posting in Scrappin Studio blog on DT Call for Scrappin Studio. Any of my fellow readers and friends, you are invited too to take part. Look out for it ya! 

- we have fun in Central Park. It was such a huge place and we know we will not have the time to finish exploring it. We decided to take on 2 bicycles and cycle the whole central park. It was truly fun and i guess Lucas enjoyed his day in the park when we get to stop over to take pictures and he can run & run non-stop - 20th sept 2011 -

See you peeps around! Cheers,


  1. Gorgeous layout babe... How you going.... hope everything is well for ya... and family... take care... hugs..xoxo

  2. Hey beb..i'm jumping in d band wagon with u..yes..not enough time in a day!!! lol. Tell me abt it now that i'm maidless it get worst!!! Hahaha. I personally think u r on a roll here..gorgeous lo everytime..keep it coming beb!! :))))

  3. hey, I hate traffic too and yes I can see that your mojo is back...keep up the good work Jaime love to see your LO again and thank you for sharing. BTW, love the journal hiding behind the kraft envelope and awesome pics of your DS.

  4. Gorgeous LO Jamie n good flow of mojo :) Take it easy

  5. Oh this is cute! Great pics and I love the use of the env. Looks wonderful!

  6. Ohhh Lucas is such a darling handsome lil man! Awesome layout! Ditto here, I NEVER have enough time in a day boohoo :(