Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Project Life | Instagram photos collage

Oh! Man… today is the last day of January. Well, whether you are happy or sad, completed your task or not. We have just spent one month of the year. That was kind of fast. Don’t you think we should do something about it!

I am not too sure how do you feel about yourself but I seriously think we have to start somewhere to record our lives and start treasuring every moment in our lives. Especially after giving birth, I noticed my memory does deteriorate a bit. The best way to record what you do, either to start writing your own diary or blog your story everyday. But, well…this may not be the best way but it is better than not doing anything.
One day when I was reading thru Ali Edwards’s blog. I love reading her "everyday life" and her “project life". Each time I am in her blogs, her works always captured my heart. I am touched with those little details that she captured in her life. Without any doubt, I went browsing Becky Higgins site. I was so thrilled and so tempting to get a set of PL for myself to start. I think it did not take me long to decide (lol), very quickly I wrote an email to Scraplicious from Singapore and place my first order.

The moment I got my PL the very next day. I am so happy and anxious to start right away. Due to the festive month that I am celebrating the Lunar New Year, I decided to put on hold. I was supposed to start last week but time does not permit. Guess what!? I have been sorting out my IG and everyday photos for printing. Tonight, I promise myself that I will start printing all the photos. Writing in my blog at this very moment does excite me and I just got 2 fabulous stamps from SC shop, which I think it works very well for PL project.

I wanted to share with my fellow scrappers and friends. If you are into Project Life please do follow me at Instagram (IG) and My 365. I would love to share and be part of your project life viewer too! 
Leave me a message here if you cannot find me in IG and 365.

Before heading off for a wonderful dinner, I would love to share with you my Instagram compilation for January 2012.



  1. Hey beb, i'm struggling with my PL. it's been a slow start and the journalling part is killing me!!! lol. Yes i am one with few words! Hahaha. Cant wait to see ur's and hoping that will motivate me more! :)))

  2. awesome indeed, my PL is full with embs, papers and journaling. Well, since my PL arrive after the 2012 I decided to do the first month of 2012 on an altered book/journal.

  3. Oh this is interesting! Wonder how is it I didn't hear of it before LOL... but I'll be looking forward to seeing all of yours :)

  4. I love what you've done with the IG pics x I've not started PL but after seeing all of the lush designs recently I wish I had... :(