Monday, October 13, 2008

lovely hang out place 'Haikara Cafe'

Last week, my sis and I discovered this lovely 'hai-ka-ra' Japanese cafe just around the corner of Subang town where I live. It was open by a Japanese couple and the pastry was really delicious and yummy!! Ever since I discover the place I have visited the place from Mon till Sat. I really love the style of the food. I have to say the food is cooked in less oil and of course is less fattening. I always love Japanese cuisine, nevertheless I am also a Japanese food lover. The food is excellence, especially the "coffee". I love the 'sumiyaki' coffee but the 'Macha Ole' is awesome too!

Would love to introduce to people who live around Subang area. Very nice and cozy place to hang around if you have all the time by yourself. You just have to relax and enjoy the food and coffee!

I would like to introduce their "chicken korokke". By far it is the best I have tried at any other Jap restaurant. Very nicely done, creamy inside and crispy on the outer part. A good one! 2-thumbs up!!

Oops...was too hungry and too delicious. After eating half way only remember to snap this "Hawaii Hamburger Style" You should give it a try, something unique. Hamburger that come with rice instead with a bun.

I strongly recommend this dessert. The flavor is really good. If you are a 'macha' (green tea) person, you will definitely love this "Macha Roll". The best part is when you get to eat the center bit, where the mochi and red beans really melt away in your mouth...hahaha. comes my favorite coffee. Love the miniature milk jug that come with it and look at how it transforms into the hot brewed coffee. Beautiful work of art!

To know more about 'Haikara' here is the address. Enjoy your day!!

Haikara-Style Cafe & Bakery

E-Tiara GF Jalan SS16/1, Subang Jaya (next to Carrefour)
03-5630 0743

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