Friday, April 24, 2009

sorry for being mia...

...finally I have some time to update my blog. I know I have not been a good blogger and have gone missing for ten days. I have been busy studying, booking and planning my Japan trip. At work I am busy writing up some Business Planning...'too many things come at once.' I just do not have the time to concentrate.

...finally tonight I have some time, first off my dh has went for his diving trip with his buddy. How good that sound? I wish I have the PADI license and I can follow them along but too bad...I do not have the time to obtain it. Since hubby is not around for 4-days. I will take this opportunity to do some scrapping and will play with my new kits & stamps which I received both on the same day. First parcel from SC and the second from 2-Peas-in-a-bucket. How fortunate I am? I have waited for the parcel ever since from last week...and finally its here!! Happy and lucky girl today. I did thought of to start scrappin' tonight but I have no energy to drag myself to my scrap room. Well, I guess I will start dreaming of my kits while I am in bed :)

Sorry, there is no post of picture today because I am using a different pc to post this message.

note: mia = missing in action

p.s. WOW, I {heart} the new SC 'Countdown Widget'

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