Sunday, April 12, 2009

Its ALL about Bangkok

I would say Bangkok is an interesting place that you should visit if you have an opportunity. Well...not all people will like it there but generally people will love Bangkok!! I actually did say before that I dislike Bangkok but the moment I step inside the city, I was telling myself "Oh! it is an interesting place. They even have underground as compare with Kuala Lumpur" Well, besides the big city & beautiful malls...Bangkok does have some drawback that your first impression is "eeww" (lol).

Below are some photos taken on some street foods . . .(obviously I did not try all of

I {heart} this roasted coconut juice. This is "A must try" when you are in Thailand/Bangkok :D
I have not been seeing "Coke in glass bottle" anymore. I think it is still taste the best in a glass bottle (somehow)

Here is some pics on the food hall market . . .

Can you tell what it is? . . . you will never believe it, its a whole lot of butter in a giant bowl!!

All look so Yummy and you just can't resist it!!

This is Chinatown in Bangkok. . .Yes, you did not see wrong. It is an elephant walking on the street (lol). I find it surprised and funny too when I first encounter it.

Our first night dinner...looks yummy! Well, I don't think you can see clearly what it is. It is "shark-fin soup" with accompaniment with some chives & beansprouts.

Our 2nd night dinner..."Traditional Thai food and delicious & yummy pork knuckle"

It is amaze to see the whole table filled up with foods. And obviously we have the in-house brewed German Lager Beer. It was a satisfying meal.

Now you see it!
And its all gone (lol)

That's all my experience for two nights in Bangkok. I hope my info can be able to make your trip as wonderful as mine.

Dinner at Chinatown: No specific address, hope the picture given can lead you there.
Dinner at Rama III: 462/21 Rama 3 Road, Yannawa Bangkok, Thailand 10120 Contact : 62-6781114 662-6781115

Happy eating & exploring!

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  1. Hope that the politic in Bangkok can be settled asap.