Monday, May 4, 2009

the good stuff!!

I'm so happy to find this lil baby. It was abandon in my dad's office. I was desperately trying to test on the machine but I have to search for the compatible ribbon before I can start testing it. I was very lucky to check on some site and found a nearby supplier at KL. I was consider lucky that I can still be able to get the ribbon for such an old model type-writer Brother AX-325. I know it is not a vintage type-writer. When I saw this type-writer I know this is good enough for me. Vintage type-writer is not easy to find and even if I found it. I am not sure whether it is still functioning. Well, I will definite treasure this lil baby ere!


  1.! but this is a newer type liao lo... you shud look for the older one... where the keys are on "metal sticks" which could cut ur fingers smtimes and where there's a ledge for you to pull the whole ribbon roller when u finish a row, with that trade mark sound of "ting~~" hahaha....

  2. First time to come here just stop by and say hello!

  3. cool typewriter Jaime..mine is so vintage and so buruks and got it from the antique shop but function well tho...