Monday, March 29, 2010

Things I am learning + coping (being a mother)

1. I am so happy and grateful that Lucas has come into my LIFE!

2. The birth was so smooth that I almost had forgotten what is the feeling like. Thank god, my labour only lasted me for 3 hour. 

3. Lucas first smile melt my heart because finally I can see him smiling at me instead of giving me a frowning face every morning when I wake up.

4. Breastfeeding wasn't an easy task. I'm having a tough time at the beginning. After all the reading from internet and some advices from some friend, I finally find myself enjoying it now. I am still breastfeeding and hope to breastfeed him for another couple of months. 

5. A good way to distress myself is by staring at Lucas. Looking at him sleeping, I find peace and serenity. He is an ANGEL to me!

6. I loving my iPhone everyday. I have a compilation of Lucas from day 01 till now photos that keep me occupied whenever I need to see him when he is not with me.

7. I am working hard to set a time for my myself and him - sometime I feel Lucas has taken all my time till I don't have time to do my own personal stuff especially my crafting moment.

8. My first outing with Lucas is not as bad as I expected. He is really an angel because he loves being around with people. He love to explore around and extremely like staring at bright stuff.

9. Communicating with baby is not an easy task. I must tune in to his channel and he loves people to talk to him. It is fun to talk and play with him. Soon, I will be able to master my baby language.

10. My timing is always not the same. Everyday I am trying very hard to get him ready on time. I can say it never be the same when we are just two of us.

11. Yesterday was Lucas first sick day. Cranky & moody. Lucas was not interested in anything at all and finally after some medication he fall asleep till the next morning. 

12. Remember each day that tomorrow is a another day; I need to treasure these every moments.


  1. Lucas is so adorable!!!! worth the weight gain and all :)

  2. Thanks, Valerie! Yeah... you are right! Worth getting all the weight gain ^.^