Sunday, May 2, 2010


Having my free time or a break, I love reading others blog. Recently, I have some inspiration after reading Ali Edward's blog. I love her weekinthelife and her project of journaling. I think I would love to start a project on journaling... and I may want to start on my Japan trip which I have jot down bit and pieces during the trip. I have yet compiling it and doing it nicely like how Ali's kept most of her works and beautifully taken photos. I am quite pround and envy her on how she innovate it and bind it herself.
The trip to Japan had opened my eye and each day I'm there, I am deeply in love with the place and people there. For those who haven't step into Japan before, I swear that you will definately love it and enjoy it.
I think this is it! It will be my current project which help lifting up my inspiration and my crafting spirit for the moment. I need some drive to cheer me UP and get myself motivated.
Sharing with you is one of my handmade postcard. Hope you like it...

Above postcard paperie are made from washi paper from Kyoto, Japan.

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