Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's labour DAY...

Had a break this morning without Lucas, although I have my usual sinus. Nothing can spoil my mood. Loving my cup of cafe latte and a healthy chicken egg sandwich.

Today another cook day for me. I would like to share my California maki with everyone. Very simple making food and yet fun to make with your children or family member.

California Maki

4 pcs nori (roasted seaweed)
1 kyuri a.k.a. japanese cucumber, cut into approx. 10cm/ 4" long
10 pcs crab stick
50g tobiko a.k.a. flying fish roe
3 tbsp japanese mayo
2 cups of short grain rice
1 sushi mat
Seasoning for rice,
5 tbsp rice vinegar
1/2 tsp salt
2 tsp sugar
Serve: 4 persons


Rice need to soak with water for at least 2 hr before cooking it (if you have the time - it's Optional)
Once rice cooked, stir in above ingredient till even (much easier if you use a wooden chopsticks) - let the rice cool down in room temperature before we can start wrapping...
I will insert pictures for my california maki, I hope the picture tutorial can be able to help you in better understanding...

kyuri & crab stick - cut into 10cm/ 4" long
all the ingredients shown above
first - *tips - soak hand into vinaigrette water to avoid rice stick on to fingers 
second, compress rice nicely
third, lay in mayo, tobiko, crab stick & kyuri (as shown above)
fourth, slowly & gently roll with the help of the sushi mat (roll & pull is the trick)
lastly, get a nice round maki (you can try to do square with the help of using the mat)
don't worry if your end of the maki is not nice and not filled up with rice
To cut the maki evenly, here is the tips. Cut it into half and lay them side by side.
And cut into half should have 4 portions, lastly cut into half again
Finally, you should be able to get 8 pieces of california maki with 1 sheet of nori.

I hope you will enjoy making it. Usually when I make this for my families, this is always the first dish that pass around and when it come back. It is all Gone! Once you have master the rolling of the maki, you can always try replacing the ingredient with another vegetable of your choice or put in additional stuff like avocado.

After all the cooking and catching up with families tonight...I need to take a good rest...

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