Monday, January 10, 2011

Made With Love

When I was sorting out my SD card, I realize I have not been importing photos since 22nd December 2010. Imagine, how many photos I have in a 4GB card!! (lol). I will need to take some time to sort out and edit and crop before I can post it up. I know, sometime I am a pain. I would like to show everyone the best, not just simply upload and throw in the photos for you to view.

Without further delay, let me show you something...I think some scrapper may have OOoooo, Aahhhh after seeing it! (smiling away)

Check out MWL many of you wanted something like this in Malaysia?
This is so Awesome, I don't think I see anything like this in KL.
Sandra & Me
We have a long chat session on that day and she is a busy woman.
I envy her because she is going to the coming CHA2011

Alright, time to for me to bid you goodnight. Off to take my shower and laid back and relax.
Sweetdreamz~enjoy the pix~cheers



  1. Hi Jaime, great to see that you had fun in MWL. I would like to add your shop details in Scrapping Inspirations. I am currently staying in KL. Talk soon.

  2. Believed you will like a child in a candy shop in MWL.

  3. MWL, so many buy ha..

  4. HI Jaimie, I just happen to find you and I tihnk I have seen you before in MWL as I have been there once last year. Knwing that you just have your Malaysia online, well I am happy to follow up with your blog. Let's see what up going to be more happening soon then!

  5. Glad that u had so much fun @ MWL! Love the sizzix in that store :)