Friday, March 18, 2011

Missing my blog...

Hi peeps, I cannot believe that I have neglected my blog ever since last Friday. Just too many things happen over at my side and things have been running like crazy. Many of you must have thought I have been away...well, I wish I am away. My first shocking news I heard since last week was the earthquake in Japan and come Tsunami. I was terrified to hear the news but before that my mind was already lost and blurred because that very same day in morning my maid had just dissapear...yes, she just ran away.

Well, life still goes on...I have to start thinking how to settle lil L daily routine and house hold chores. Very quickly, me and dh have worked something out. Well, its time for mummy to take care of lil L that's include bathing, eating, sleeping, playing, and back to eating, then bathing and finally tuck him to bed. I thought I still can have some time to craft but my body has been rejecting me for the past few nights. I have to head to the sac as early as 11pm. (I cannot believe that I am knocking out that Usually by bedtime was like 2-3am) Yeah....I am practically a night scrapper!

Well, things have been working out much better now. I have asked my aunt to baby sit lil L from 10am-5pm everyday. This has given me an opportunity to be able to run my errands and scrappin again. I am so missing my craft table and just as soon as I sent lil L off today, here I have something to share with you... ^.^

Made grandma a card!
day 129: Made a card for my Grandma. She just had her surgery last Mon.
I am hoping to see her recovering soon and to be able to walk back as normal.
Material used: Into the Woods Sc kit
I has finished another layout using the same kit. Would love to post it out but let's wait till tomorrow then. I would love to send my heart felt thank you to everyone's that been dropping and leaving me sweet comments in my comment box. I would like to apologize for not being able to stop over and send my regards. I will be hoping over very soon. See you! Hugz xoxo


  1. Lovely card to cheer your grandma..:)and speedy recovery wishes ..
    Life has been busy for you.. :)take care

    I did a short posting of the stamps and inks I have gotten over at my blog :)

  2. Oh No... Jaime... Thank goodness you are back now and almost all settled for you...Lucky you... have someone to help...
    gorgeous card you made there... I love the SC kit you used... cant wait to see your layout... come over to my blog...I have not one but 3 giveaways... check it out here....

    take care... hope to see you soon... hugs...xoxo

  3. Hey beb..i miss ur entry too! Hopefully things are more settled now. I know how crazy things can get without help anyway that is one pretty card! Ur grandma must be happy to received something so pretty! :))))

  4. Hi Jaime, soree to hear all that you are going thru. maid running away is not new in SG too, happens all the time to my friends and family members. I just hope that you settle down nicely soon and back to scrapping! and hey, me scrapping 2-3am too lol we must bring our pyjama and scrap together one day teehee ;)

    Take care and prayers being said for your grandmother. update us and sending lots of love your way..