Thursday, March 3, 2011

Project 365 - Day 124

Hi, I am back with my project 365. I have been neglecting it for quite a while. The marathon week was was just fun Fun fun!!

day 124: Love riding on any Kid's Car Ride!

day 125: Cute Garfield! 

day 126: Find this lil bunny very cute @ Empire

Check out this naughty boy look!
day 127: My ever cheeky son...getting much cheekier this day!
I'm in Serai Condo!
day 128: Beautiful golf course! That's where my sis going to move in to.
View from her Condo, The Serai, Saujana.

Tonight, I have some project to work on. Hopefully I can be able to post it up by tomorrow. See you soon!


  1. WOW ...hes too cute!!....Thanks for sharing your lovely photos... hugs..xoxo

  2. I seriously fell over in love with that awesome photo of the bunny!!! so so so cute!!!! and how about that baby of yours, lol, totally cheeky, lol, even cuter!!!

  3. Cute photos!!!
    Wow, going to NYC? I was there for 7.5 years until last june.