Friday, April 30, 2010


Friday has been a productive day.

It's been good stuff...just online purchase a new Mac Book Pro. Just as much as I like using a PC, I guess is time for me to upgrade myself. I am in love with my iPhone, I think I will even more love my Mac too!!

This morning meeting carry on smoothly. Crossing my finger very much to preach for this current job I have in hand. Monday will be another productive days with more meetings and discussions.

What's for tonight? As usual, my DH always gets home late on a Friday night! I am on my diet plan now. Feel like eating something light yet yummy! Before I am off to have my dinner, I would like to share some of this pictures that I have taken during my Japan trip. Furano & Biei, Hokkaido was one of my favorite place. Missing it every moment...Enjoy the photos!

Have a good weekend...

I love the beauty and the serenity of this place. Is so peaceful and, love, love it!!

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  1. BEautiful green field !!
    I also do the cycling the time I was in my Silk Road trip :)