Friday, April 23, 2010

How can I be more discipline?

I think I am always a thinker but sometime, I may be a dreamer.
I love to dream about that in one day I can be able to achieve many of my things.
I love reading other blogs especially those really good in expressing themselves through everyday of their life.
I always ask myself, how can she do it and why can't I?
The question is still floating in my mind...I don't think I can have an answer to it until I really try achieving it.
I think with some motivation + determination, I should be able to do it.

After reading the above and you do not understand what am I trying to express. I don't blame you because sometime I do not understand myself as well. Sometime I am giving myself too much of an expectation and just too much excuses.

I am trying to change myself to be a better person, helpful mother, lovely wife and a respectful daughter.

I hope one day I can be able to ACCOMPLISH it! Life is just too little time to waste...

Have a good weekend...

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