Sunday, October 31, 2010

seriously I'm missing of something...

I realize I am so into my own 'little' world all this while. After an hour of reading other blogs, especially Malaysian's crafters blog that published by fellow blogger's friend Sheera Teo. I only realize that I am missing a lot of fun out there. Been 9 months sitting around for not updating myself is a very wrong doing. What happen to me? What have I been thinking and waiting for?

Seriously, I would like to thank my friend that lead me to know more about Malaysian's crafter. Also would like to thank Michelle a.k.a Chowchow that host Scrapping Inspirations which make everyone life so much easier to locate creative people and potential crafters in Asia country. I have been looking and searching high and low for people that can talk and share in the same channel. I understand it is quite a pain to search in Malaysia search engine for local crafters. If there is no connection, I don't think I can find so many crafters around locally.

I hope I am not to late to jump in to their group and hope I can share more of my stuff. I have to say, I am lucky tonight!! *wink* *wink*

Before heading off, I would like share one of my fav picture of Lucas. Goodnight!

Lucas first swim without a float with daddy beside him.


  1. You are most welcome Jaime. Don't forget to join in our monthly Malaysian Scrap challenge blog: if you want to meet more fellow Malaysian scrappers.

  2. Not to worry Mich, I am so ready to take part of any challenge :)