Saturday, October 23, 2010

365: day seventeen - day twenty second

day 17: 'baby aid kit' for my nephew Jaden
day 18: Sweet little Jaden born in 16 October 2010, weight 3.24kg
day 19: Lucas portrait.
day 20: Cupcake! anyone? Just trying to take a nice bokeh with the cupcake.
day 21: I like the yellow with the natural background color of the sky. If I am not wrong this yellow flower is in the orchid family.
day 22: Yes, polaroids of my grandma's 81st birthday. Trying to compile it into an album. Will post it up once it's complete!

Sorry for not posting my 365 earlier. Yes, I am missing day 23 coz I do not have the time to load the picture right now. I will definitely post it soon. I am in mist of writing up and doing something pretty important to everyone and to myself. I hope I can really, really share with you very soon. I can't wait till to share it with everyone. Come back and check on my blog every now and then. Chat again.....ciao!

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