Friday, October 29, 2010

been thinking.been dreaming.been trying

Half way researching and reading others blog. I decided to go back and take a look what I have done for this pass few years in my own blog page. What a sad thing, I did not do much and say much about scrappin', ever since I have Lucas in my life. Well, I may not been scrappin' but I am still doing every little bit of stuff like Birthday card, Albums & Invites card for others. I realize I haven't really been doing anything for myself, my family and my son. 

When I looked back at the past few scrapbook that i have done, I really do miss scrapping. Since I still have Studio Calico, 2009 pass kits which I have ordered in and it's still sitting in the brown paper bag. I better sort it out and get my engine warm up and get it done before the things start piling up! Yes, that's right!

I guess today blog title is very much something that I would like to share. I have been thinking a lot this whole month. Last 2 weeks, I have decided to let go of my ID business because I just find out that I have no more passion in it. Not that I have no more passion in creating and designing house. Perhaps I am quite tired in dealing and running back and forth which is the nature of this business. Sometime very tiring and depress when your project can't go on and things not going on smoothly. Maybe the problem is myself which I realize I have no more motor in myself in this business.

I have been dreaming a year ago about running another business which I feel I am much more happy running the new business. I am trying to give myself many answer and courage that I should do it! May be its because of my ID failure, that I am now very careful with this new business that I want. I am working on with the research and thinking and planning, in order that this business will not fail. I am trying to make my dream happen. Opening a scrapbook store is always a dream for me. It may look very simple if you are creative or if you know how to scrap but it is not simple at all. No business can start that simple after all. I am trying very hard to have a different direction in scrapbooking. I hope I can be able to break it through. Of course, I wish my fellow friends and family members will continue to support me. 

I am very grateful to have this person in my life that giving me a full support and helping me to make my dream come true. I have to thank my DH for giving me unlimited support of him. Without him, I do not know whether I have the guts to start my new life and challenge myself again. 

I am open for any comment and idea. If anyone who come across this message, please share with me some of your thoughts and comments. Your idea and comment will be my moral support to my next step of my success!


  1. I'm watching every update you posted and i'm glad to see your life been progressing so well with a supportive hubby and cute little son. Keep up the good work and remember, failure doesn't stop you from moving forward. You have done it by standing up again every time you fell and I believe you can be successful of what you want to do one final day. :)

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    I wish you leave me your email, for me to send you a sincere thank you message. I hope you will be able to read this someday. Thank you so much for your courage of words and thank you for following my blog though I don't know who you are. I wish for you the same. Take care.