Sunday, October 31, 2010

365: day twenty fourth - day thirty first

It's time to update my 365. A week past is like a glimpse...

day 24: taken by iPhone - having lunch at uncle's lim by myself.
day 25: by D80 - very please with my new arrangement for my scrap-kits in my living space.
day 26: by D80 - Guess what it is? YES! It's my Studio Calico Kits from 2009. It is still nicely sitting in the brown bag.  Can't wait till to get my hands on it!! I am sure you wanna know what is inside? :p
day 27: by D80 - After so many months, finally I am having a cuppa coffee at my sis's  resto 'Eat.Work.Shop' situated in Glenmarie. Nice coffee, I have to say.
day 28: by D80 - After play school at home with Lucas and his black & red Snake!
day 29: This is how messy my desk can get when I am scrapping. Still trying to get the album  finish.
day 30: by iPhone - I wanna take my son naked, didn't have the time to grab my camera. Well, it was lucky the effect turn out to be blur. If not I am worried I am posting nudity picture....teehee
day 31: by iPhone - Deepavali Artwork at Giza Mall. Very stunning color. Beautifully done!
Turns out today was Halloween Day too. Wishing everyone Happy Halloween!! I wish I can celebrate Halloween too with Lucas but too bad most Msian do not celebrate it. My project 365 is keeping me busy with my Camera or my iPhone. I am so pleased that I finally had completed a month of it. I will try to keep it up. Though I have been taking pictures almost everyday. I have a confession to make. Sometime I am still lacking of picture to post and therefore some picture I have to re-take in order to complete my 365. Well, I guess this wouldn't break the rule. So long, I am still taking picture...


  1. Hi! I hop from "msianscrapperssociety" to say hello to you!

  2. hi there... just blog hopping :)