Monday, November 8, 2010

365: day 32 to day 38

day 32: A new pair of 'Pearl Earring' for moi!
day 33: Finally the album has completed. Wanna know what's the content? Will post it soon (:
day 34: Was having FUN with my DSLR. Cheers.
day 35: I can't scrap without these tools. This is only part of it, yeah, I do have more (lol)
day 36: Zachary is enjoying being with Lucas. Happy 2-Year Old Zachary!
day 37: I can't resist, I want to post this as my 365 picture. I did this for Jaden for his Fullmoon party that is this coming Saturday. My sweet lil nephew xoxo.
day 38: Somehow I like this picture of Lucas. Hope you like it too!
Last week was a long week for me and very productive too. I have a great weekend. I don't celebrate Deepavali but would like to wish my fellow friends Happy Deepavali  if you are celebrating it.

I have more to post but I need time to do some re-touching. Bare with me, I will definitely post it this week. Have a good week ahead!


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