Thursday, November 18, 2010

365: day 39 - day 46

Life is so sux without Internet Connection. I have missed so many things for not logging in since last Saturday. With using 3G can't do much *sigh* I miss my Blog and my fellow "scrapbook" friends. Before I start babbling on & on, I need to post my 365 as promise.

Here goes...

day 39: another baby sprouting out from my "Money Plant"
day 40: mummy quick lunch at Village Grocer, Giza Mall. One of my favorite hang out place when I'm alone :)

day 41: This is something everyone barely see this day. It's my sis "guo tai lai" (Chinese traditional custom)
day 42: Red Pom Pom to be use for celebration in Chinese custom way.
day 43: Taken in Jaden's Fullmoon. Nice color for a young chap 1 Month old.
day 44: Lucas new cheeky face.
day 45: Lucas having fun in his Pooh family theme.
day 46: Winnie the Pooh & Eeyore behind the scene!
That's all folks!

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