Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blog Header...

tee hee...I think everyone has been noticing that I have a "dodgy" header (lol). Yeah, I know...this is just so don't justify about myself with such header. I am still creating it but I am just too fussy with my own style. I am the type of person that have to set some dateline (yup, even for my own self). Let's see, by Friday....ermm....okay sets this Friday, I will post my new header up!

This morning I would like to share...my project 365

Day 47
day 47: Lucas sunflower necklace but just too bad, he do not want to put it on at all! :(
 Day 48
day 48: Kayla is a big girl now and a pretty little angel, awww....

Thanks for popping by peeps, I gotta run. Today, I have ton of errands to run for myself. Hope to catch up at the end of the day. Have a great day crafting and for those who are working, enjoy everybit you are doing now {smile}

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