Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Project 365: Day 54 - Day 57

Today is my sister wedding eve's day! Everyone are busy preparing and decorating the house. Including myself, last night I stayed up till 2am and this morning I woke up at 9am to continue with my stuff. Finally, I have finished with my speech. Well, I have to say I am quite please with the outcome and of course with the help of hubby I can be able to complete it by last night...

Sharing with you a sneak peek of my Wedding Card for my sis, which is my project 365: day 54

day 54: Sneak Peek of my sis wedding card. Size: 5.5" x 12"
day 55: my stylish nails!
day 56: Orange Gerberas, my sis 1st Dec theme color! Love it?
day 57: Beautiful Eustoma!
Sorry fellow friends, today was suppose to be my busy day but I manage to find a couple of minute to post this blog. I don't think tomorrow I have the time to even log in... I will post more of the card after tomorrow. For those who are working, have great fun at work and for those who crafting and cropping...a-ja a-ja!

Want to see more beautiful photography...bare with me, I should have more to come ;)



  1. o can't wait to c the card in full!! It's looking very sweet from the lil sneak peak..! :)

  2. Lovely card for your sis. I love the way you have layered it :)

    Your nails looked funky!

    Your photography is amazing!!!! :)

    Congrats on your sis wedding :D

  3. wowww ur a great photographer!!! Love all the photos here n in ur blog. Cant wait to see the card!...:))

  4. Great shots, and I can't wait to see the wedding card!