Friday, November 26, 2010

New Header!

As promise on the other day, I finally made myself a header with Photoshop CS5. I wanted to craft a new header myself but due to the limit of time I have. I only can afford to make myself a quick and simple header. 

This week or should I say this whole of November month was a hectic month for me. Too many celebrations going on around families and friends. I have (3) three Wedding dinners to attend including my sister wedding which will fall on this 1st Dec & 5th Dec 2010. And I have (2) two full-moon party to attend too. Thank god the full-moon parties are over.

I still have loads of stuff are yet to complete. I still have to DIY a wedding card for my sis...haha, yes I have not start on it yet! I need to write my speech for my sis M wedding on the 1st night. Beside that I have other errands to run for her and for myself too...Wow! just by typing it down, I feel like things are piling up and stressing it out already. Not forgetting I still have not complete my Nov Challenge for SIC which I have something in mind how I want it to be. Each day I only can be able to sit on my crafting table for no more than 1 hour. I am missing my table very much now...'sigh'

With all this busy schedules and running around, I have not forget about my Project 365. Let's see what I have for Day 49,

day 49: Took with D80, with lens 18-200mm
day 50: This is the season to jolly, fa-la-la-la-lah la-lah la-lah...Christmas is just round the corner. Only a month from now!
day 51: 1st and 2nd attempt on Emeline's paper tissue flowers. Loving it! So gorgeous and lovely on the present box.
day 52: My son on a BMW super bike! Haha...he actually loving it!
day 53: Lucas celebrating my couz wedding! Congrats Jeff!
I gotta run...still have load of stuff to be taken care of.
That's all for today....


  1. Hey ya! I like your header! Its nice. Wldn't it be great if we can just scrap whole day, don't hv 2 worry about other sttufs. That will be d day!

  2. This month really a very busy month to you, remember to share you DIY card for you sis..and your new banner looks simple and nice.

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  4. Love your new header.. simple and clean.

    Love the flower tissue paper that you did as well. So pretty the colours.

    Wow.. your photograpny is awesome :)

  5. Rosa: I wish too that if only we have the whole day with no distraction at all and scrap it on & on & on...(lol)

    CCB; Thank you...will definite post it out. If only I can do it up in time :)

    Annie: Thanks fot the are making me so flatter. Yes, I agree with you the tissue flower is just simply awesome. My photography skill is so-so only, sometimes thanks to iPhone for those wonderful apps they have :)

  6. Cool photos for the 365! Thanks for sharing!

  7. pretty header! and u sure take wonderful pics! ;)