Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm touched to see...

my son flipping through my scrapbook last night. At the beginning I was stunned & worried because I thought he will destroy my page but to my surprise...He was flipping it from page to page very gently. I observed him for a couple of minute and I couldn't help it, I have to grap by iPhone and filmed it down. He is so enthusiast at it and I am very pleased that I make all this for him :)

So, this is my boy in about to turn 16 month in another 5 more days.

Coming up with some 365 photos...

Buggy Cupcake!?
day 140: Cute cupcake eh!
So cute!!
day 141: Golf Theme Cupcake for Bday celebration!
My rocket salad!
day 142: Home-made Rocket salad with slice oranges, tomatoes + parmesan cheese
in Balsamic Vinaigrette.
Art gallery
day 143: Art Gallery @KL (can't remember the name) but next to Delicious,
near Ascott.
day 144: Lucas on his way to Aquaria!
day 145: HUGE cylinder tank! L was amazed!
Sneak of my TCR#54
day 146: TCR#54 sneak preview
L & T
day 147: His new Turtle...Loving it so much and have to hug to sleep in the
car :)
Ice-cream ice Kacang with Rum!
day 148: Ice Kacang with ice-cream + rum = Yummy!!
I'm so touched! He is browsing my scrapbook :)
day 149: Lucas admiring mummy's work :)
That's all for today...been busy and finding inspiration to work on an album for my lil L. Will be revealing it out, once it done! Do not forget the Reveal Night Giveaway for tomorrow!! Your comment is very important to us! See ya!!

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  1. What a neat post! Looking forward for more post from you. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Love your little video clip of your son being so careful with your album, grinned at his foot being in the way hehee :-)
    I love it when my kids look at the albums I've done as well and their comments when I complete a LO sometimes crack me up (Aaron will say "that's a great job Mummy" and Maddison will say "WOW" hehee)
    By the way I have done a big long winded blogpost about travelling with kids today if you are interested in reading it! ;-)

  3. your boy is just adorable :)
    you have good eye for photography...love your photos :)

  4. Cute video of Lucas...!!! I love your photos...well taken... Thanks for sharing...hugs...xoxo

  5. Lucas is just like Qawiem, my first son. He did the same what lucas did. I guess they watch us keeping our scrapbook nicely! hehe