Monday, April 18, 2011

TCR#54 "if you just S-M-I-L-E"

Happy Monday everyone!
Hope you peeps out there having fun during the weekend. I have fun taking L to Aquaria KLCC. It was a crowded Sat and we did not know it was PC Fair on that week. Well, jamming all the way there and jamming all the way back. It was  a splendid journey and yet it is a tiring one :) Oh! well, that is what life it's all about sometime...right!?

Last night, I have some mojo in me that I wanna do this badly. The fact that I love this week palette and I know which photo I will use for this palette!
Before revealing my work, I have a few things to share with my fellow friends and blogger readers.
Firstly, I am so excited and eager to share with some of you that I got feature in The Color Room!!

I am so flatter and over excited when I knew about it last week. I never thought that I will be feature and thank you so much for giving me this opportunity and for those who have not experience in TCR. Please visit TCR here. I am sure you will have fun and get hooked like me (lol)

Without further a due, I have just completed another palette. Haha...I know, I told you I got hooked with the color and having creating the layout. Here you go, my TCR#54 palette,

Isn't those color are irresistible (lol)
The title if you just "SMILE" was from the song 'SMILE'
by Michael Jackson. I love the lyrics in the song and
would love to dedicate it to this layout I have just created!
Some close-up shots of the texture!
Did you see that 'Chrysanthemum' die-cut? Yes, it is from Dusty Attic. It's an amazing die-cut I ever seen. Did you see those textured behind? Once again, I created the texture with tissue paper and self dyed it with some color mist. I was a little worried this may not turn out to be what I want. But in the end, with adding some Multi-medium and gesso it. 
Voila! this is getting pretty interesting and exciting...hehe
I also coordinated it with some Prima's and of course my handmade bloom which, this will the last one in my stash :(. Will need to start doing more blooms coz I love it that I make it big enough for the layout. Will try to do a tutorial of my handmade bloom for those of you are dying to learn :)
Ta-dah....this is the final result! 
I was pleased with the outcome because I love that washed textured background verses the classiness of the portrait. Hope you enjoyed it and thank you for looking and stopping by. Your everyday comment meant so much to me.



  1. Wooohhhooo Congrats beb!!!! omg!!! this is my fav!!! Gorgeous!!! Love the texture and u nailed the colours!!! Seriously beb..u r super duper talented!!! :)))

  2. Congrats on being featured!! That is a layout deserves to be featured for sure! I love ur smile layout. That layout is so beautifully made. Heart the background & the flower composition :)

  3. CONGRATS my dear friend... you well-deserved it.... I heart your smile LO ... so beautifully done...hugs..xoxo

  4. congrats and this layout is absolutely nice, I am a person who loves so much vintage looks, love to play with paint and trying new medium...this LO is so far my favourite and I like it to the max. Thanks for sharing Jamie.