Friday, April 1, 2011

TCR #51 but fail to submit

ello, ello...i know, i have been away and not updating my blog. well, i am not too well and i guess i am feeling that each day i get less and less time for myself. yes, i do sound like a greed person...i have everything with me and yet i feel i can never get satisfied. i don't know how many person are like me. i alway remind myself that i have a good hubby, now i have a wonderful boy making my life almost crazy (lol), i have my own house and a car and i have a wonderful family (my mum, dad, sis's & bro)...that's actually considering very good, right!!

obviously, many people wanted a secure career that generates monthly income, a place where they can work, and a place to loof for buddies (if possible) and best part of all, a career that you love it so much that you would not want to let it go till the day you die!! (LOL)
Well, I hope some of you may agree with me that crafting is a hobby, an art, a social activities and creation without limitation that i, myself will never let it go. not to say that i am bias or i am more on a creative side person but i guess many of you will agree to my saying that crafting does brings in something different into your life. well, i really do... i sincerely love this hobby, simply not because i am a retailer myself, i love it because whenever i am lost and feeing down. crafting really can de-stress myself and after the completion you will feel jolly and wonderful again.

Okay, I guess after for a week been not blogging, i'm getting a little too chatty. i hope i do not bored you gals. last few days when i'm feeling under the weather...i just have to drag myself up and do something. this is what i have created for my bro and SIL (a pressie for their grandma with all the grandchildren surrounding her). how sweet right!? After completion, i realized it was The Color Room Color. So farnee, that i don't even realized it after I have completed. maybe is the flu that making me not thinking straight (lol). okay, enough of my babbling and let enjoy the layout :)

Materials: Plain C/stock and Corrugated paper (in neutral color), 
Masking, flowers, pearl swirl by Prima,Doilies, handmade flower (1 of them)& butterfly by moi, Ribbon, beads string and lace by others,Love die-cut by Sizzix, Alphas by Thickers,HOME card from one of SC kit and incorporated with Mister Huey's mist, Some gesso by Studio and Black dust by Sc kit. Enhancing the layout with Glossy Accents.

Here is the close-up shots:
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I hope my bro & SIL like this creation! Oh, the size above is not 12x12 but instead its 9x9 to fit in the IKEA picture frame by RIBBA range. Thank you for looking and i will hop to your site very soon!


  1. Hey beb..such a shame u didnt submit that lo. It's gorgeous!!! Ur photo's are amazing like always and i agree with all of ur rambling!! lol..yeah i will not part with crafting..ever!!! :)))

  2. nice one Jamie, no worries what you said are indeed true. I did the same, crafting is a "me" time for me and feeling so lucky that my other half are always there to support on whatever I am doing!
    He always contribute ideas n help me paint my stuff take care and looking forward to see more of your LOs.