Friday, April 1, 2011

Project 365 - Day 128

Oh! god...I am so behind with my 365 (hehe).
Well, been taking some pictures with IG...not everyday but still would love to post it out for some of you that enjoys it. Thanks for looking!

It's all About K!
day 128: I would like to show you that I am encouraging a 3 year old gurl
into scrapbook (lol). However, I hope she loves it!!
A gift to my sweet niece!
day 129: A page that I did for her and mummy.
Nespresso, anyone!?
day 130: How many of you like coffee? I don't just love them but I'm addicted
to coffee! I have owned a 'Nespresso' machine at home but I do love
to opt for different variety. Few of my fav brands, Starbuck, Local Coffee,
Sumiyaki, Nescafe & UCC.

My morning breakie!
day 131: One of my breakie with Rice Cracker top with tuna & corn.

Check out my lil rascal! Hehe
day 132: Oh! my lil rascal. I can't believe he has grown up so much ever since
the maid's ran away.

day 133: If I'm not mistaken, this is smoke egg. Looks yummy but taste
alright. Wanna try, you can go to "the Cookbook" in Giza Mall.

My cookbook-char kuru teow
day 134: Hah...Guess what dish is that? Maybe you will get it, maybe
Its our famous "Fried-Kuey-Teow" only available in Malaysia. When the
dish come to me, I was fusion and the decor on the plate.
Well, it taste the same obviously. Also available in "the Cookbook" restaurant.

JB Dye & SC Stamp (:
day 135: Loving my SC stamp and thought of trying it out with all my JB
dye pad colors.

Morning breakie on a beautiful Sunday!!
day 136: A homemade breakie on a Sunday morning and healthy too  :)

Will be up on SS blog shortly...
day 137: A layout I made for the donation to the victims in Japan.
I am running in SS blog, hop on in and participate. I can send the artwork
for you from KL to Osaka, Japan. It will be handed to my dear friend
Tomoko Takahashi.

My boy @ almost 15 months
day 138: My boy [at] almost 15 months. On 31st Mar he has reached his
15 months...time flies :D

day 139: Dad's birthday cake. We celebrate his 62 bday last weekend.
The cake was bought from O'Gourmet in BSC from A Slice of Heaven.
The flavor was - Choc Banana
Price: 6" (RM68) or 9" (RM98) 

I hope you gals enjoy the pictures. Will come back for another layout posting. See you soon!


  1. Great Photos my dear!!!...Lovely...thanks for sharing...hugs..xoxo

  2. i love all those photos! What camera are u using...somehow is looks so vintagy? Great take on your project....never mind is late but at least u r doing it