Sunday, February 15, 2009

later that night . . .

I have a free valentine's dinner at Eat Workshop. I arrive at the restaurant by 7:50pm. Everything seem to be running smoothly and as usual some loving couples come in slightly later. To my surprise, people do love special gimmick. They are just overwhelmed with the little free gifts and the 'Polaroid' session!

Oh, I guess I have missed out telling you the theme for tonight was "The 70's". Everyone have to dress up to look alike like we are in the The 70's for the photo taking session. It was fun and people just loving it. I also discover something, valentines this day are just not for two people. I have seen a family come with three or four come celebrating valentines in my sis restaurant. I find it quite cool because it is nice to always share with your loves one and the kids too!


here goes the menu: (I know you may not be able to read it), we have our 1st course with grilled scallops (sorry, I miss the picture) and tomatoes soup. We have a cocktail to start with.

Our main course, for HER, we have 3 different type of grilled seafood. (A portioned of butter fish, soft shelled crab & pasta prawn). For HIM, we have 3 portions of meats (which is grilled lamb rack, chicken breast & grilled rib eye beef).

My valentines dinner ends with a delicious chocolate fondant cake and vanila ice-cream. Yummy! & delicious!!

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