Wednesday, February 4, 2009

wednesday . . .

10:30am - at work

11:00am - make myself a cup of coffee, make some phone calls & get to arrange some stuff for my client

11:30am - wonder around what to do and decided to read others blog

I admired some blogs because they can express themselves very well. Sometime I am just thinking why my life is so bored? Some blogs really excite me because they have been interesting pictures to post up and they have so much to share. Is it because my life is too bored and I have nothing to share? I guess I am beginning to learn. I want to be a new person. I want to be able to express myself so that I have interesting stuff to share with.

Sometime I felt that I have lost my direction. I don't know where am I heading to. Am not sure is it my own problem or is it society problem. I feel glad that I have learn to blog because by blogging I can be able to see how people lead their life and how people share their works.

I am glad that I am into scrapbooking because I have discovered for myself a new hobby. Thanks to my sister who introduced me what is scrapbooking since last year. However, unfortunately after she has introduced to me and I was soooo into it. She was too busy to carry on with her scrap. I hope she will pick it up again when she is not too busy with her works one day.

There you go...a day for spilling out my feeling that I always wonder around.

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