Friday, February 6, 2009

Feb 5th 2009

Thurs, 7:50am

My grandmother has left us silently after she had bedridden for almost a year. When I hear about the news, I feel sad but at the same time I feel happy for her.For the past few months I've been seeing her and each day she is getting weaker and weaker.I feel this is the best for her. I know many may think I am cruel to say such a thing but what's more, she is already 93 years old this year. She has always been a strong person and her will power to live is so much stronger than anyone has expected. I know my mother will be missing her.

To our beloved grandmother, Mdm. Yap Yoon Kim (1916-2009) may you rest in peace and you will be always kept in our heart & memory.

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