Saturday, February 21, 2009

last night...

by 7:45pm, I was all ready to go for my special dinner at Sage at The Residence in Gardens, KL. Somehow we left home slightly later then 8pm and we reached there by 8:30pm on the dot. I was a jolly girl that night and looking forward to dine in Sage. We were walking towards the entrance and discover we were on the wrong side and we asked for direction.

We were shown how to get there and we walk from this end to the other end. And finally I thought we are there, then something few strange and as I step forward to look around. I just can't see Sage around. Oh! well finally we decided to go all the way to the ground floor and asked for direction.

Well, after all this hassle we are there at 9pm and we just discovered that we are there before when I said I couldn't find Sage on our 2nd attempt. Well, I feel so dumb & annoyed after knowing it. However, I did not throw up my temper and we finally get to sit down. I feel much better after looking at the place. Sage is a 'Fine Dining Restaurant'. Design in Sage is a modern contemporary concept. Nothing spectacular that I would like to share, perhaps the only nice thing was overlooking at a long window bay. I guess it will look beautiful during the day.

Finally, after 15 min of discussion on foods. We decided to order our foods and wine. The food are awesome, I have foir gras as for my appetizer and angus beef for my main. Hubby have Wahyu carparcio and roast lamb roulette for main. The food there, I have to say is delicious!! Worth to try and is nothing too expensive. Per person it is only RM140nett with 3 courses & coffee or tea.

My DH (dear husband) & Me

Later that night, I have another surprise from my dh. He surprised me with another gift. I was so shocked and impatiently open the gift.

The moment I ripped the paper apart, I saw something written on the box "ARGRESTI". The next moment before I open up, I know it is something I wanted sometime ago. So nice of my dh to get me a jewelry box from Carat Club. So sweet!~ ^.^


  1. wow... you are blessed with such a sweet husband :)

  2. thanks...well, its our first year of newly marriage. Really hope this will carry forever :D

    so, what did you for living? Eager to know because I think you & me do not scrap for living...

  3. hey didnt realize i have a reply here. Oops! sorry for the late reply... btw, I'm a coordinator for an engineering company :) how about you? an architect? think i read it somewhere in your blog before. hehe.