Wednesday, February 25, 2009

For 'Him' & 'Her' . . .

On 28th of this month, I am supposed to attend my girlfriend's wedding in Nagoya, Japan. I feel so sorry that I could not make it to her wedding. I have personally bought something for her which I think it was a meaningful gift. I actually received it from one of my girlfriend's during my wedding. And I also make both of them a "Him" & "Her" cards.

The gifts that I got them is a pair of 'Golden eggs'. These eggs are made from real eggshell and there are coated with 24k gold. Each egg have their uniqueness. As for 'HIM' I choose a XL egg and 'HER' a much smaller size.

I hope both of them will like this lil pressie.

Oops...its pass midnight. I better off to bed now, I will want to post my recent project. That will be tomorrow then!



  1. the eggs is so nice. where u bought it?

  2. hey, i love these cards! very nice creation from you. Keep it up ya.