Tuesday, February 10, 2009

countdown to valentines day . . .

...sis M was asking me for help on 'what to do for Valentine's Day' in her restaurant? Leaving her 4 days of notice that she have to come out a door gift for her customer. She has suggested to take Polaroid picture for every couples.

...I always have crazy idea. So, I suggested to make scrap-card out of the polaroid. Well, I guess we have not much time and choices. I am now given 3 days to complete 20s' Scrap-card for 2009 Valentine's Day.

...Its kind of exciting because it has been a while I have not been touching my kits. Too many things happening around and not much time for me to sit on my scrap room to concentrate on my scrapping. I am taking this as for my 'February projects'. I hope in this following 3 days, I can keep posting the card out.

...Off to finish my work & can start my scrapping as soon as I can.

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