Monday, February 28, 2011


Phew...finally it's all done!! Yeah....I have made it! This is my Creative Scrapper Sketch #142. For the very first time, I get to participate all CS sketches! I am quite proud of myself. Now I believed that nothing is impossible. Everything is possible, if you want to do it!
I think of all the sketches I did for the whole week, this is the best sketch of all! 
You can check out the sketch here.

Close-up shots...
Can you guess which flower is made by me?

I hope you enjoyed every layouts I have posted it up this past few days.
I have to say, the more I scrap, more mojo I have each day. I noticed I take lesser time for myself to scrap a layout and I will alway try my best to input in some new detailing.
Thanks for looking and thank you for the courage of words and comments that you leave in the comment box. See ya!


  1. beautiful layout Jaime, love those flowers, and I am thinking the orange one?

  2. gorgeous Jaime...i like it!

  3. love love love all the details!

  4. Beautiful work beb. You're getting real good with handmade flowers. Hhhhmmm which one? Can i say both?? lol...:)))

  5. Such an adorable layout! i love the butterflies and the flowers. Am guessing the orange one is your lovely flower? :)

  6. i'm guessin the orange one too.. love ur sketches... and esp ur DIY flowers!! ^^

  7. its beautiful Jaime... love everything on it.... thanks for dropping by my blog and leave comments... hugs...xoxo

  8. You have been a busy bee with handmade flowers and they do look very pretty! It went well with the layouts for sure :)