Thursday, February 17, 2011

Project 365 - Day 111 - 114

I can't believe that my 365 posting can go that far...I am looking at the positive side of it. I got a message from Amelia, that asking me to scrap my 365 into scrapbook. Let me think about it. Indeed it is a great idea. I may do it... let's enjoy the photos for now...
Naughty boy going for his ride!
day 111: Trying to capture his cheeky look.
This is the best I can get cause he is moving too fast :p

day 112: Taken during V-day!
Happy Belated Valentine's to you.
I did not blog on that day, it is not because I have a date.
I was so busy over with Artwork, dateline & preparation. Phew...finally is done! 

A sneak of my card! More handmade flowers!
day 113: A sneak of my card that I made for someone.
Yes, it is from Candy Shoppe kit!
I will post it when that special someone receive it! (:

This is how I use it!!
day 114: Art scrap did in less than 5 minute! Love the outcome...

Before heading off to bed. I would love to share with you that I had a great time with the girls and their kiddos. We had a lovely dinner (our pre-Chap-Goh-Mei dinner)...that's why I am still not in bed at this hour (lol)....

Do check at my blog again on the 19th Feb, I have something to share and to give! Be here or be square!


  1. Hi Jaime. Your kid's car seat look very comfy. Don't mind me asking what brand/where you got it? Thanks

  2. Remember seeing all these awesome photos in instagram!! Lovely shots & yes you should scrap them when you hv some spare time on hand :)

  3. Love your photos! I think it's a great thing to have these pics and it would be wonderful to scrap about them. Imagine, you'll have a compilation of glimpses into your everyday life!
    (p.s. Thanks for visiting my blog! Replied to your comments there, too!)

  4. Hey beb, perhaps if u'd like a smaller project why not have an altered book instead. I read it at yuz blog (blossominch) that a hand bound book works best..:)

    P/s: let me know if u find one here!! :))

  5. Lovely photos Jamie :).. Belated valentine and Chap Goh Mei to you :)

  6. I guess I'm not patient enough, 'cos I did project 365 before and still till today, those photos are still in the photo album instead of scrapbook album.
    Keep it up you.