Sunday, February 20, 2011

Marathon week!

Hi, hi! I am back for my next post...
I would like to share with you gals that this week I am going to make myself busy as eva!
Don't know why, probably "Jessy" blessing really do come true! She wished for me to have more Mojo each day to create! I guess I will take this opportunity to push myself to the limit and see whether I can complete this marathon by 28 of February 2011 at 11:59pm.

Here are my tasks that I set for myself...(please do not think I am crazy when you read it). I am very serious...(lol)

Creative Scrappers due date: 28 Feb'11
  • Sketches #141
  • Sketches #142
  • Sketches #143
  • Sketches #144 (All the sketches are indeed beautiful, none of it I would like to give up. So, ladies wish me luck!)
The Color Room due date: 24 Feb'11
  • Palette #46. I am crossing my fingers, whether I want to do both or just the layout OR a card!
Scrap-It-Lah due date: 28 Feb'11
  • Feb Challenge with NO red or pink or Any Shade of the 2 Colors.
    I guess this will be the limit...anything beyond will be unrealistically. This should sum up to 6 layouts + 1 card. I don't know how am I going to complete it. On average I should be scrapping 1 layout per day. Looking at it, it doesn't sound that bad but I have to tell you, I am a slow scrapper *sigh*

    Alright, let's get myself up and start Rolling!!
    Oh! wait...wait... before that I would love to show you some of my 365 which I am quite far behind too....hehe. Let's enjoy the yummy food I have and I like...

    First course
    day 123: Japanese food @ Hanare, Intermark at Jln Tun Razak

    3rd course!
    day 124: Sashimi!! 

    Anyone, cod fish sperm?
    day 125: A unique dish and first time trying it. It's from Cod's fish.

    My all time fav!!
    day126: Uni / Sea-Urchin is my all time fav in Jap cuisine.
    I did not tell you that my fav food is always Jap and I love making
    my own japanese dinner (when I have the mood to cook)

    I miss this age of him!
    day 127: I am trying to conserve lil L baby look. I miss this picture of HIM.

    day 128: Showing you another batch of my ATC. I think I am ready to SWAP.
    ATC swapper please contact me. Love to meet up and do some catching up.
    I don't mind mailing it out too! Please convey me k!

    For those of you who miss my yesterday post on 19th Feb, please hop in and leave a message for a chance to win my lovely hand-made blooms. Thank you for popping by and I can never thank you gals enough for leaving me beautiful words in my blog.

    Till I post again.


    1. You go gurl!!! Everything is possible. Yes u can..I have faith in u! :) Yummy atc's. Would love to swap!..hehehe..:))

    2. Hey Jaime. Happy birthday. Its good to set scrappy goals and doing challenges do make the mojo flow so to speak. Anyway I saw the flowers in your previous post. At first glance i was so sure it was prima flowers. Good luck with your layouts. Happy scrapping